Calling all Tiki people!


Second ("Better late, than never!") London'09 Mini-TikiFest UK event starts on Saturday, 25th 10:00 am UK time.

What is a Tikifest

It's a tradition in the TikiWiki community. TikiFest happens when there is a meeting between at least 2 TikiWiki contributors that don't usually meet. This is an opportunity to chat with people in person, get some laptops out and code wildly in group sessions and/or discuss about wiki technology and culture while drinking some adult beverages (ok, it means mostly having a beer in a pub after hard day work/brainstorming), etc. depending the mood and context. It is great for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff. A mini-TikiFest is smaller than a TikiFest.


Pre-Tikifest evening 24th April 2009

A Pre-TikiFest evening has been arranged. It will be fun:

If you want to join us for this evening please let me know before Wednesday 22nd. All of those staying at Matthew's house have already got tickets.

Main TikiFest day is 25th April 2009.

Start 10am. Finish in the pub. It is going to be held at Matthew's apartment.
For directions on how to get there, please make sure your name is on the attendance list below, we will then send them to you by email.
If you don't think we have your email address already, please send a message to matwho (Matthew's nick). You will need to register on this site to be able to do this.

Marketing workshop 26th April 2009

Following the main day, on the 26th there will be a Design and Marketing Workshop.

The aim will be to push forward on the new logo and branding.

All are welcome to attend. However, this is defiantly not a technical meeting.

Image Warning: the contents of strings will be discussed! (and I bet the arrangement of pixels will come into it too! JB)




Central London,at Matthew's apartment (which has a fridge for beer, please bring supplies!)


Please Self Organize edit sub-events and sessions and ideas bellow.


Date Time Event (in Language)
Fri 246.30pmTheatre (in English)/Food/Beer evening
Sat 25??Groupmail demo and discussion of future direction
See http://dev.tiki.org/GroupMail and http://profiles.tiki.org/GroupMail
Sat 25??Move tw.o sites over to strasa template and test/fix
Sat 25??Discuss release process and Quality Team backports from trunk to 3.x (JonnyB and Nyloth mainly, SylvieG online if possible, all others welcome)
Sat 253PM-4PMWorkspaces (remote session): We want to share with all of you how we have planned to do this project. More information here. Web-Meeting - Room Enter Here . Room Name: rober.lopez and then put Your Name. Welcome to Spain! biggrin
Sat 25eveThe worlds biggest international beer festival, taking place just opposite the TikiFest http://www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk/promotions/2009-international-real-ale-festival/
Sun 26?All dayDevelop and launch the Tiki Logo/Re-branding design competition

Times are in BST (GMT +1 hour)

Some notes about what has been discussed:

  • Usage of smarty plugins inside templates (instead of HTML code)
    • smarty plugins help to keep consistency all over the application and guaranty that once the HTML code (generated by plugins) has been cleaned, it will remain clean everywhere. Changing code HTML structure is also easier because it just have to be changed in one place. It also reduces the code in templates, which help developpers to maintain tiki
    • smarty plugins seems to be more difficult to use for designers that have no php skills and want to make major changes in templates (or exceptions)
    • the best way to make smarty plugins is probably to make them fetch a specific smarty template that could also be changed or overridden by a designer. In order to help designers find where this template is, we should place those particular plugins in a subdirectory of templates, like templates/smarty/remarksbox.tpl for the remarksbox plugin. This way, designers should be able to find the HTML code easily and change it as if it was in the main template.
    • about making exceptions in some templates, the first option should be to use CSS (there is already CSS selectors for each features/sections), the second option could be to copy-paste the smarty plugin template (like remarksbox.tpl) into the forked template of the concerned feature
    • maybe should we also improve documentation of the usage of smarty plugins

Who is attending

Please add your name here (but only if you plan to attend!)

Name Coming From Strand Accomodation Arrival Date Departure Note
Matthew (matwho) Portugal/UK Marketing Accommodation sorted ?? ??
Pauline Portugal/UK Marketing Accommodation sorted ?? ??
Jonny Bradley London Dev / video Sorted here no mmmmmmm
Danny Staple London Dev Sorted Here Here May have to miss some segments on 25th.
luciash d' being Czechia Dev / Graphics Sorted Thursday 23rd Monday 27th (early morning :-p)
SoozyUKMarketing 26th only
Geoff Brickell (eromneg)UKDevnot neededSat 25th only25th
nylothFranceDev??Friday 24thMonday 27th
pkdilleFranceDev??Friday 24thMonday 27th
Roberto López (rlopez)SpainDevnot needed--via Internet video
Ben (mangapowerx)SpainDevnot needed--via Internet video
Aldo (axold)SpainDevnot needed--via Internet video

You? If you want to participate just add your name. Come as you are smile




  • Related to Workspaces

{FLASH(movie=>"http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=tikifest-uk-final-090425104844-phpapp01&stripped_title=tikifest-uk-workspaces-integration", width="425", height="355", quality=>high)}{FLASH}


    • The goal is to start simple, and if more is required, make sure that what you do can be converted to something else.
    • Make use of parentId to check whether a category is a workspace or not.
    • Categ Perms = Group Perms
    • Container workspace category = you store the reference to that category in the preferences
    • Profiler Tool (We know you like it wink) A new form of creating things in TikiWiki:
      • jQuery is Mandatory!
      • You drop things in a flow (like automator does), and tiki will do the rest.
      • Possible uses: manage workspaces, configure your tiki profile during the installation, whatever, ... You don't need to know YAML syntax! Only Drag and Drop!
      • Concept Shots:




Video from the TikiFest

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IRC Chat via Mibbit

Join Our #tikiwiki Channel on irc.freenode.net . There are the following options if you don't have any IRC chat client software installed:

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If you want to join in remotly

We realy want to see you even if you can not make. Please Skype matthew and we will keep you in contact and join you in to the conference when we are TikiFesting. Login to get Skype ID

Presentation files from the TikiFest



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