A tradition in the Tiki community, a TikiFest is a meeting between Tiki community members (that usually only meet online). This is an opportunity to socialize, code and discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc.

If you are new/curious about Tiki, come and meet the contributors. There will be someone available to provide you with a one-to-one orientation any day. There will be a free workshop "introduction to Tiki" and TikiFest refreshments (beer and wine).


The TikiFest is October 4-5-6 in New York with home base at Casa Frela.

Events leading up to the TikiFest:

And afterwards; First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin


  • 1 will be leaving from Montréal (Étienne, Denis, you? )


Sun October 3rd Kaltura Hackaton

OVC hack labs with Kaltura

  1. Streamline the installation process of Kaltura CE 2.0 (to install on our community servers)
  2. Update Documentation
  3. Go through Wishlist
  4. Discuss licensing
  5. Update Tiki code to work with CE 2.0
    • What changes are necessary to support CE 2.0?
  6. Launch tv.tiki.org with Tiki 6.0 and CE 2.0
  7. Make a video portal profile.

Tuesday October 5

  1. 2pm NY time (8pm CET)??
    A workspaces workshop with Torstens Project as a case study


Starts at 7:30 pm

  • Celebrate Tiki's 8th birthday!
  • Introduction to Tiki
  • Beer, wine and refreshments.

Mon-Tue-Wed October 4-5-6

Some of the devs may be at the FOMS Workshop on October 4th but most will be at Casa Frela.

Anyone who wants to do demos/presentations of their Tiki projects or anything else is welcome to be part of the schedule. Just add it in.


  • 30-minute fixes for Tiki6 to be released shortly after



  • lindon
  • Marc Laporte, arriving from TikiFest2010-Tampa
  • jonny B
  • Pascal St-Jean (trying to schedule it in)
  • Robert Plummer
  • Philippe Cloutier (flying to Newark, arrival September 30th 19:03, departure October 6th 20:50)
  • Daniel - making plans to attend
  • Denis Zgonjanin
  • luci (and his wife)
  • Nelson (need to leave on the 6th about noon...)
  • Etienne Lachance (Evocatio)
  • Torsten partwise via BBB and Skype
  • You?



Casa Frela Gallery in New York City (Manhattan) in the neighborhood of Harlem. The address is:
Casa Frela
47 West 119th St.
New York, NY 10026
+1 212-722-8577

Go here for directions and information about car service and local accommodations. There is also space at Casa Frela to stay, please contact lindon to reserve a sleeping spot.


We will be using http://live.tiki.org/ powered by BigBlueButton

pls check also: http://devbuild.bigbluebutton.org/client/BigBlueButton.html#

and Skype User tikiwikicmsgroupware

Hope to see you there!


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