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Training session: How to admin and code in Tiki

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  • Sunday July 14th, 2013

10-12h Admin in Tiki (Marc)

  • Intro
  • Quick history of project
  • Demo of CartoGraf, which is an example of using Tiki as a framework, using trackers, profiles and advanced wiki syntax
  • Overview of components like Zend Framework, Smarty, jQuery, etc.
  • Code in trunk, and make it optional -> 3 Rules
  • Version lifecycle (6-month release cycle, LTS versions, branch merging, Security Team, etc.)

12-13h Lunch: general discussion

  • We'll order some pizza (or similar)

13-14h How to code in Tiki (Louis-Philippe)

  • Composer
  • DB schema updates
  • Extension points (modules, plugins, etc.)
  • Search index, PluginList, Plugin Custom Search

14-17h Code

  • fixing bugs and adding small features is a great way to learn!

17-19h Beers and code

  • And group photo with t-shirts

19h-late Food and more beer

A group from the phpBB community will be joining us.

We'l order some food, and perhaps later, go to a pub nearby (call 514-995-MARC to know where we'll be if you want to join us just for this part)


  • Near Mont-Royal métro station, in Montréal (ask Marc for address)
  • Logistics are excellent (lots of room, Air Conditioning, redundant Internet connection, main connection is 25M/10M, projector, etc.)


This is aimed at people who want to be power-admins and developers in Tiki.

If you have coding experience, you'll learn where things are in Tiki and how to contribute.

If you don't have coding experience, we'll still teach you to commit code, but we'll focus on simpler things like translations.

Pre-requisite: You need an account on https://sourceforge.net/ because that is where we have our all our accounts

There is no cost to participate, but bringing some beer is a good idea!



  • Louis-Philippe H.
  • Marc L.


  • Thierry G.
  • Éric B.
  • Immanuel Giulea
  • Matthieu H.
  • Alexandre Q.
  • Patrick P.
  • Pascal SJ
  • Bahar S.


  • Pablo D. (in Europe, can't make it)
  • Many other devs were invited by email
  • anyone

Proposed Tool

Torsten proposes to maybe use the following webbased Code Editor (IDE) for the session for that no time is wasted for setting up individual PCs in the morning.

The infowebsite to the tool can be accessed with the general tiki.org Tiki login on http://info.wiki4.me.
The actual code editor needs an extra login for each coder - every coder who has already an account can grant access to the next one(s).
You find it here: http://code.wiki4.me.

There is not yet much info on the infopages, but maybe enough info to get a quick and easy start. It can be extended to your needs at any time ... for now this is just a fresh concept to test ...
Want to prepare yourself for the event?
=> you can start coding at any time ... there are 15 pre-12 Tikis installed in the workspace, one for each coder and additional 1 Tiki pre-12 for shared synchronious training sessions and 4 demo Tikis v9, v10, v11, v12 - altogether that are 20 freshly installed Tikis waiting to be recoded.
Each file of those 20 Tikis can be viewn and edited synchroniously.


Nice to have

  • Could we set up streaming?
  • Hi, Torsten here: I have just recently set up a ustream account (free streamin with advertising at start of viewing and 10GB storage)
    I would be delighted, if you use my account for streaming, as this would be a productive test for an international conference in August, where I am involved in the coordination team and responsible for the IT/webdev.
    Marc should contact me to talk about the details, for.ex. login, workflow for stopping and restarting the record from time to time (to be able to download parts of the record and delete from the server if necessary storage wise).
    As far as I have quick and dirty tested, the streaming can continuously go on, whilst restarting the record - so we would have both:
    livestream and record.

Practice Bugs


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