TikiFest2018 Montreal Ephemera

A page of photos and extra nonsense occurring around the TikiFest2018 Montreal


TikifestMontreal2018 02 TikifestMontreal2018 02
TikifestMontreal2018 01 TikifestMontreal2018 01
TikifestMontreal2018 03 TikifestMontreal2018 03
TikifestMontreal2018 05 TikifestMontreal2018 05
TikifestMontreal2018 04 TikifestMontreal2018 04
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TikifestMontreal2018 09 TikifestMontreal2018 09
TikifestMontreal2018 08 TikifestMontreal2018 08
Next Door Graffiti Next Door Graffiti
Pop Pop! Pop Pop!
Jyhem Finds First Cache Of The TikiFest Jyhem Finds First Cache Of The TikiFest
Team Dinner #1 Team Dinner #1
MTL Big Eye MTL Big Eye
Mmmm, Chicken Nuts Mmmm, Chicken Nuts
Ostrich Bar Ostrich Bar
Students AFK Students AFK
Greetings From The Mountain Top Greetings From The Mountain Top
Handy Handy
Panoramique! Panoramique!
Definitely, Smoked Meat Tomorrow... Definitely, Smoked Meat Tomorrow...
Bob Montreal Bob Montreal
The Old(ish) Port The Old(ish) Port
Watch out! Watch out!

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Fine Dining


We had a fine meal at Mazbi Restuarant, Montreal's finest Yemeni restuarant - here they are on the Facebook
TikiFest Team At Mazbi


Probably my favourite breakfast restaurant anywhere , but i really need to have a smaller meal one of these days!
Definitely, Smoked Meat Tomorrow...
Fameux Viande Fumee Et Charcuterie