• Planning TikiFest by Citadel Rock & AvanTech.net


  • As a follow-up to TikiFestMuskoka
  • Plan major devs for both companies
    • What goes in Tiki12 LTS?
    • What goes in Tiki13


  • June 9-10-11, 2013 May 28-30, 2013


  • AvanTech.net offices in Montréal


  • Nelson on vacation
  • Pascal
  • Marc
  • 1 or 2 short meetings with Louis-Philippe


  • Review all planned developments
  • Review all teams, and see which ones require assistance

Expected outcome

  • Make public the feature roadmaps (to motivate people and get more collaborators)
  • Have a timeline on how Nelson, Pascal and Marc will support the various teams.

Why we are changing some of the teams assignments

At TikiFestMuskoka, we agreed that each of us of would act in support of various teams. (See that page for details)

Marc will increasingly focus on the Bootstrap migration (User Experience & Themes team). All efforts will be made to have this all done in one version. However, we expect Tiki13 to be shaky theme-wise, and by Tiki14, everything will be good again. Thus, we want Tiki12 to be a great LTS that many people will use for many years (until the next time they want to refresh their look & feel).

As we look ahead to Tiki12 (which should be small), and Tiki13 (which should be huge), one of the biggest problems of the last few years is that releases are too much work. We are routinely one or two months late. On the bigger picture, one or two months late is not a big problem because we still release twice per year, and no other major FOSS Web App is faster than we are (some also do twice per year, but their extensions are not ready at release time). However, the release process drags on too long and better predictability would be helpful. Packaging the release is efficient, but there are upstream issues (some teams have insufficient inactivity level, and bug reporting, tracking and solving has been problematic). Thus, we need to address the release team workload by improving the process, and addressing the upstream issues.

There has been great recent progress on the automated testing front: Tutorial: How to write and use automated tests for your own site, but more is needed.

Thus, Nelson will become co-release coordinator with Bernard for Tiki12 and Tiki13 (and we are counting on Bernard to continue as well)! This additional push is to improve the release process for 12 and make sure it's smooth for Tiki13 (we know we'll have other big issues for Tiki13, so we don't want the release process to be an issue). Then, from Tiki14 on, the release team's workload should become reasonable and more inline with the workload of other Teams.

Thus, Nelson will focus on the wishlist team (mostly show.tiki.org and improving bug tracking process) and the release team in the coming months (and Quality Team is pushed back a bit)

Pascal will take over Legal (We are counting on Olaf to increase his energy here), Finance and Fundraising from Nelson, and take on the new Analytics and Video Teams.

And after Tiki13, and the release process is smooth again and we have Bootstrap 3 in Tiki, we will focus on branding.

Updated Teams

The list below are the teams being supported, in rough order of expected priority/workload in coming months.

Marc Laporte

  • User Experience (UX) & Themes (preparing for Bootstrap revamp)
  • Community
  • Infrastructure
  • i18n
  • Packaging
  • Performance
  • Communications
  • Branding

Nelson Ko

  • Wishlist (show.tiki.org)
  • Release
  • Quality
  • Testing
  • Developer
  • Security

Pascal St-Jean

  • Consulting
  • Profiles
  • Partnership
  • Video
  • Legal (Let's ask Olaf to help)
  • Analytics
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Documentation

This was followed-up by TikiFestPostPostMuskoka

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