Here is the list of peole that sponsored Tikiwiki in one way or another

Giving out money as donation

Donating is a good way to express your gratitude for tiki authors if you can afford it. Most of those donations will go to Luis Argerich at first (small amounts, under 1000 USD), and are managed by marclaporte.

  • Dennis Daniels gave 100 USD to the tiki community, that went to Luis.
  • ( more to be added )

Paying a tiki dev for service

Are you looking for a professional support ? Many tikiwiki developers are also professionals and can provide installation and customization services. This is not a direct sponsorship for tiki but it benefits people who make Tikiwiki possible. Check FindTikiExpert for a list of companies and experts providing TikiWiki-related services.

Giving resources

Tikiwiki development is shared between a lot of developers spread around the world. Some common ressources are necessary for working together.

  • Al Brown gave out disk space and bandwidth with hosting demo website from 10/2002 to 06/2003
  • mose provided disk space and bandwidth with official website and demo since 06/2002
  • SourceForge is used for its groupware and file release facilities.
  • Freenode is used for the IRC workroom
  • ( more to be added )

Giving time

Time is a resource we all possess. If you can spare some time for Tikiwiki, join the development team!

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