This is version 1.6 codename: Tau Ceti

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Many new features added in this new version. Wiki structures where added to create structures of Wiki pages that can be used to create TOCs (Tables of contents) and indexes, this is specailly useful for documentation or related-pages. A lot of user-level functions were added in the MyTiki section, inter-user messages, a newsreader, user notepad, user personal files, user tasks and a calendar among others. Admins can broadcast messages to all the users in the site. A link directory feature was added, you can add and clasiffy links in categories that can be browsed by your users. Users can suggest links to be validated and added by admins. Other features include the ephemerides, inter-wiki links, new plugins, theme control center and many new preferences and settings. Of course a lot of bugs have been fixed.

Please help us by testing the application and reporting bugs/errors/features and suggestions to the development team. The home page of Tiki where you can find downloads, report bugs or request features is http://tikiwiki.sourceforge.net/ . And you are also invited to join our mailing list at tikiwiki-devel at lists.sourceforge.net or tikiwiki-users at lists.sourceforge.net

Tiki versions are named after popular stars: While carrying no proper name, and not overwhelmingly obvious, Tau Ceti marks itself by its extreme closeness to the Sun. A mere 11.9 light years away, the star ranks either as the 29th closest to us (counting all the stars in a double or multiple system) or 19th (counting double or multiple systems as single units). Tau Ceti is a G8V spectral-class star, the same type as the Sun and as the Sun it doesn t have a known companion. If Tau Ceti had a planetary system some planets may had conditions favorable for life at a distance similar to the distance between the Sun and Venus. A start so similar to the Sun without a companion and very close to our system has alwasy intrigued and fascinated many astronomers. In the sky Tau Ceti is visible to the naked eye as a faint 5th magnitude star being the only start smaller than the Sun that can be seen without a telescope.

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