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Using Trackers, you can create forms for collecting data and make reports from that data. Trackers can combine structured information collected from users. The Trackers feature is a powerful, flexible tool. Originally, trackers were used to collect and manage bugs in Tikiwiki. They evolved into an open ended system where you can track any kind of user input in a customizable form. Each tracker has its own mini database. Users with the appropriate permissions can devise trackers to collect any kind of information that you want.

What can Trackers be used for?

Trackers can recreate online any kind of table or spreadsheet, not including the fancy formatting or calculations.

  • support tickets
  • contact managers
  • feature requests
  • purchase orders
  • bug reports
  • feedback reports
  • news submissions
  • project management

Trackers can also:

  • be used to collect additional data from users upon registration.
  • be used like a customizable articles feature with admin definable forms
  • assist workflows by tracking tasks.
  • act as expanded polls, surveys or quizzes
  • import and export their settings and data.

Trackers can't:

Live Examples

PLEASE ADD YOUR EXAMPLE HERE. Links below are all dead as of 2/3/21
Intercanvis.net: Allowing to share goods, services and knowledge among people (Intercanvis = Exchanges)


Courses: Pre-registration form to events.
Plus some information on a wiki page with a selection of fields

Contributing ideas (user submits project idea as a tracker item and creates a wiki page for more details)



Bugs and Feature Requests


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