Who is, Drool?

Hi! My nick is Drool... Ask me about it, or just forget it, alltogeather.
My real name is Fredrik Reuterberg and is a soon to be 29 years old guy from Sweden. Always happy and likes to be around to help with things I know... And of cource to learn things I don't know!

Reason why I'm here:

I stumbled over Tikiwiki, some time ago, and liked what I saw.
Have been using Tikiwiki for a while, now, at my webpage. I love it!
You can find the page at www.omnigamer.net but I warn you, the site is mostly in Swedish!

Projects I'm involved with:

  • Currently I'm working on retranslating the Tikiwiki "Interface" (Language in menyes etc.) to Swedish, as som spelling errors and grammatical error, has wiggled their way into the file. I'll get back with more info in a while!


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