• I'm currently using Tikiwiki as an internal wiki at work. It has been very popular so far. I hope to upgrade to 1.10 as soon as it is released and stable. Right now I am using 1.8.3. I've been watching 1.9 and the changes impress me so far. Good work Tikiwiki developers!!! biggrin
  • I'd like to contribue to the Map module one day soon when I have time. I work extensively with MapServer as part of my job, and I'd like to see if I can port some of that experience over to the wiki. I think it would be really powerful. One day soon, perhaps in the fall, I will contact those responsible for this, and see how I can contribute. See below for some ideas.

Ideas for Tikiwiki

...ways in which I can contribute,

Mapping and GIS Functionality

  • adding a component to the map module, or a plugin or something that would enable the lat/long coordinates in the User Preferences to be displayed on a map AND served out as a WMS layer to others. I think this is already in the works, but I'd like to participate.
  • enabling the Map module as a WMS client for map layers served via OpenGIS specifications.
  • improving legend support.
  • making a map plugin that would insert a map in a wiki page based on a map document or external context document.

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