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I first started using Tiki for personal applications when it was at v1.8 and have become a more serious user and developer since Nov 2008 when I formed Enmore Services to provide a set of design, deploy and operate, managed services using Tiki. (See LinkedIn profile for more history/profile details)

Increasingly Enmore works with other developers, co-working and funding developments that align with our interests - which are focussed upon the use of web systems for collaboration and the automation of everyday business processes.

Tiki developments of interest

This page is being used to document various Tiki developments that we believe will be generically useful - we would welcome co-working discussions with any interested parties:

Content templates

This somewhat underused facility becomes a bit unwieldy when a site has multiple sets of editors since there is currently no segmentation/organisation of the templates.

Some simple improvements we've identified are therefore:

  • the addition of two segmentation parameters (just like Articles have Topics and Types) so that Content templates can be organised and listed in various ways
  • if one of the parameters (eg Type) were 'thought of' as a folder then a presentation style along the same lines as File Galleries would allow only the Type of interest to be 'open' and therefore make very long lists of Content templates more accessible
  • Content templates should also be 'lockable' (just like a Wiki page) so that ownership/change management can be more controlled, and finally
  • it would also be useful if Content templates could also be 'categorised' so that they are not only accessible on a selective basis for 'editing' but also only 'invokable' for use on a page by designated groups

Project Management

more content to be added here soon


more content to be added here soon

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