One of the reasons I chose Tiki is because it's named after a STAR!!!! Totally rad.

These are some of the things that I have been looking to integrate in to Tiki. Here are some ideas...

I. Odds and Ends

1. Center Module Support for Tiki Custom Home. Center Modules are important ways of custom tailoring your viewers experience depending upon which group they are a part of. Some groups need to see center Module A, other groups center Module B and others center Module C.
2. Password Managment. Admin has ability to see users passwords and remind them directly with email.
3. PHP Open tracker.

II. Tiki Galleries :: detailed multimedia galleries

A. Image Gallery - Batch Image Upload Local Directory to SERVER DIRECTORY. For instance a folder with 1000 images uploaded to directory. (DB becomes to Large to Export from PhpMyadmin)
B. Video Gallery - Thumbnail support in Gallery format needed desperately. (the little camera by the filename just doesn't represent the filmaker very well eh? I need a full on thumbnail upload in that File Gal with Image Gallery Presentation format. Looks just like the Image Gallery but when you click on the Thumbnail it brings up a Quicktime/AVI.
C. Sound Gallery - Creation of specific sound Gal and MP3 support needed.
D. File Gallery – Currently Excellent for Normal Files.

III. Tiki-Meta-Presentation

A. Tiki Presentations - Colorado's excellent idea ::
colorado thinks graphics, reviews, music videos, lyric sheets and all other types of media can be packaged together with audio files to create all sorts of multimedia "presentations" (a new object type=TikiPresentations? And/or just include all of the objects for a specific presentation within a certain category, group, or in an article, blog, or wiki page.)

I have the same intention in a different persepective:

B. Tiki Meta-Blog/Article-A Multi Media Life Journal ::
Including Blog, Image Gal, Video Gal and Sound Gal all in one template with definable layout. Categorized and Grouped for different users and connected to the Calendar/List/Node View with Thumbnails. This Blog is truly Multi-Meta-Media and chronicles your entire Multi-Media Functionality within Tiki and Presents!

C. DVD ::
Later on down the road Tiki could even burn a DVD for a particular months Blog in chronicled format with HawHaw speaking your blogged words. Maybe implementing that Video Editor solution Damian was chatting up....

D. Same Idea ::
Our ideas are the same, Multi-Meta-Media Presentations. One is Linked to a Production/Presentation the other is linked to a Calendar/Blog. Same template, different application.

What about this:

3. Tiki Multi Meta Modular Presentation ::

A form that allows users to layout (like quark express) the template, allowing different blog, image, video, sound galleries for different sections. Connect the template to Calendar/List/Node Views and Galaxia. Open connectivity, Just the way you like it!

4. Applicable Usage ::
A. Filmakers – using the Meta-Presentation for StoryBoard Image Galleries, Script, Animatic, Final Render and Sound. All on a Shot per Shot basis and connected to Galaxia for Workflow Integration, this would practically be a 3D Production Studios Backend. Director logs on, checks the shots for the day, adds comments, etc… 3D Animators Log on, upload images, add comments and upload Quicktimes/Film/Video at the end of the day showing work progress. Allowing Virtual filmmaking Pipelines to be created with Tiki.

B. Journal and Diary – using the Meta-Presentation a user can journal their writings in Blog, Upload Photos from their Camera, Upload Video from their CCD and Sound from their Digital Sound Recorder. Everything Organized on their server and presented via Tikiwiki to whomever they newsletter. For Proffesional Journalists in Industry, this is an excellent function while journeying internationally. For example, a International Cuisine journalist traveling the globe visits restaraunts, adds literal commentary, uploads Digital Pics and even Quicktime Video of the Chef preparing the meal. Too bad you can’t store food in that DB! For the Everyday Journaler this is your Diary on Steroids! Everything well organized and presented so you can thumb through your life day by day, see all your pics, videos and what you wrote about it all in one Template. Hows that for ILife?

C. Corporate Presentation – Corporate marketing Consultants can utilize this Meta-Presentation to present their own products to overseas interests outlining in Full Detail with Pictures, Literature and 3D Animation. Also while overseas on Corporate missions they can chronicle their “trip to the factory??? with DV, Pics and Tips/commentary so the Big Wigs back home can be informed on key decisions immediately.

D. Scientific Cooperation – We all know the scientists will just love this. This is the reason the internet was contrived right? Scientific Communication will be a snap with all the Meta-Media Organized in ONE PLACE. The Equation and Scientific Parameters outlined in Blog, Images of the Disection or Drawings of the Concept in the Gallery along with Videos and Animations all Organized in the same Template, all right there in front of you on one page. Nice.

5. Key Components ::

A. Blog, Image, Video, Sound and File Galleries Integrated in to One Template.
B. Layout options for choosing what gallery module to display and where.
C. Thumbnail options for Blog, Video and Sound Gal.
D. View Options allowing Calendar, List, Icons and Node Views would be excellent.
E. Open Connectivity with Galaxia Integration for Industrial Workflow applications.
F. Options: allowing user to Add Any Tiki Module to the Template. For instance option of adding RSS, Comments, Survey, Charts, everything.
G. Of course, Categories, Groups, Permissions, etc….

6. Quick Fix ::

combine and refine already existing tiki modules in to One Master Template:
1. blog, image, file templates
2. options for RSS, Comments,Survey, Charts, etc...

3. later add Video and sound gallery

IV. Tiki-CRM, EMAIL and Meta-Presentation.

see ( http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=CustomerRelationshipManagementDev&highlight=CRM )

These are my thoughts:

1. CRM should be organized in this way:

A. All Information related to customer should be organized under One Node accessible and assignable from One Template.

i. Bookmarks:: of Customer Site
ii. Contacts:: Customer information
iii. Tasks:: Task page related to Customer/User
iv. Tiki User Info:: user, password, group
v. Email:: Correspondance with Customer in own folder.
vi. Articles, Blogs, Meta-Presentation and Galaxia:: all related Tiki-Customer Media stored here too.

2. This is Why::
B. When you are using Tiki to Manage Customers on your Site you want all the information about that customer in one place. You don’t want the Bookmark of the customers site in one place, with all the emails in another and the Tiki User Info on a completely separate page. You want to go under One Node and see Everything related to that customer on One Template.

C. DataBase StreamLine - Why have a seperate DB for Bookmark, Contact and User? If the Bookmark will end up being the Contacts Web URL and the contacts name will end up having a UserName assigned in Tiki? Have One DB that contains the Bookmark, Contact Info, Task Info, User Info and Email-Folder.

3. Function ::
Every time you enter a Bookmark, Add USER or Add Contact....
One form is delivered that will allow you the option to enter All these Things at Once:

A. Category
B. Group
C. User (customer)
D. Bookmark (company URL)
E. Contact Info (phone, addy, email, custom fields, "web url" is BOOKMARK)
F. Task Info (customer related tasks)
G. Marketing Info (Blog containing marketing notes, observations, etc..)
H. Tiki-Presentation (Above stated Meta-Blog containing all Blog, Image, Video and Sound) related to Customer.

Conglomerate above mentioned modules in to ONE FORM browsable with icons leading to contact info, task info, bookmark info, user info, marketing info, emails and meta-presentation. Same Concept as the Meta-Presentation, unifying all the singular components of Tiki in to One Place where everything is displayed efficiently and exactly.

1. CATEGORIES : Click on one category "California"
2. GROUP : Click on a specific group "Film Studios"
3. USER : Click on specefic user/company in group : "Industrial Light and Magic"
4. CRM TEMPLATE : displays above mentioned CRM template viewing all category,group,user, contact info, marketing info, Image Gals, meta-presentations and emails related.

combine and refine already existing tiki modules in to One Template:
1. user/group/category - preferences
3. contacts
4. tasks
5. webmail

WOW, that's a lot. But when it comes down to it, everything stated above is just combining pre-existing templates in to TWO MASTER TEMPLATES. One Master Template for Meta-Presentations and One Master Template for CRM. Both Master Templates are just conglomerations of already existing smaller templates.

Thanks for reading and I hope this makes Tiki a more unified CMS/CRM.

Garrett Min

Hey let me know if I can help with Graphics. I can make anything in 3D and if you have some specs I can surely make some things... Feel free to ask and I will see what I can do...

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