I am a developer very interested by collaborative communities in social, artistical and scientific situations.

I really hope that system like Tikiwiki will be able soon to make closer relations between cultures and classes of the society. Presently, I have started to run an instance of tikiwiki with the goal to reach a "without any kind of fronteer" community of friends sharing their ideals, jokes, projects, ...

We not pretend to grow. we prefer to hope that small and affordable projects can be knowed from others and maybe take influences between each others. activites can be anything, but must respect a solidar and peaceful actitude in front of the Nature and The whole Humanity.

The bet is to find a way that small groups can deploy and promote themselves in their own language. The community plan to investigate solutions to maintain readable and effective such a site. In particular, we are interested to see the limit of Tikiwiki for multilingual community and try maybe to adapt it.

(TODOneutral: explain the principles, the goal of guideline,...)

The community are formed by people mostly from Europe, but also Latino America, Indonesia, Australia, ... and we hope more!

please visit : hormigaga question

for the moment I had not so many time to scan the web to find similar project (I wanted to run our own server...). but please take contact if you think that wheels like that are already running well (or not well). Actually I need a nice illustrated and easy tutorial of Tikiwiki, that I plan to translate in many languages. The idea is that any kind of people can suscribe and feel comfortable to let a first message on the website... any reference ?Image

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