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Wiki Usage at Sun

Wikis have been springing up all over Sun Microsystems. Many are based on twiki, but i've been sowing Tikiwiki seeds and they have been germinating.

We use LDAP login authentication and have had to make a bunch of rather surgical modifications to get out wiki to work.

  • Login with employee id number, but have a userid based on FirstnameLastname.
  • A users UserPage name is their wiki name ( FirstnameLastname ).

Bugs I'd Fix if I Could

All confirmed in 1.8.1:

  1. The strange bug where the page content is shifted to the right by the witdth of the header.
  2. On a page with html enabled compare the results of a table when the word table is capitalized and when it is not.
  3. JGraphPad no longer works for me at all frown
  4. RSS feeds in Wiki pages have bullets that appear outside the frame. Here's an example:


Ideas to explore

Core Plant Architecture

  1. Hot Dog on Alamo DougWilloughby
  2. Distributed Scheduling — " TBD "
  3. Distributed pod management with SevenSpace — " TBD "

Core Plant Engineering

    1. Jumpstarting with Sol10x86 BrianFoley
    2. Boot over InfiniBand TyMcKercher
    3. Boot Image engineering reccomendations DavidDorfman
    4. Using Multicast to boot n nodes in unit Time — Hushon, Digiorgio, Foley, Maslinski


    1. InputOutputProfile — DavidDorfman
    2. Secure Extension of Customer internet into our Facility DavidDorfman
    3. NFS using RDMA performance measurements over Gb and IB DavidDorfman
    4. ROCKSnext Solaris and Alamo TBD
    5. Dynamic VLANing (TBD)
    6. Java NIO and RDMA LarryMitchell & RinaldoDiGiorgio
    7. A network accessible Dtrace for n nodes RinaldoDiGiorgio
    8. Alamo and Internet File Systems WebDAV-NFSV4 RinaldoDiGiorgio and TimSmith

Core Plant Operations

  1. N-Node Management Software CurtHarpold & RayMaslinski
  2. SunGrid Network Naming SteveEvans
  3. Sun Grid Data Center Designations ' SteveEvans ''

Compute Utility - PPU HPTC

  1. MPICH distributed programming over Solaris 10 Infiniband transport JayDanielsen
  2. ZoneBased-UC — BrianFoley

Developer Utility - Networked Developer

  1. Software Development Services RinaldoDiGiorgio & JohnKapson
  2. Alternative Java Compute Environment RinaldoDiGiorgio & AriShamash
  3. Visual Access Mechanisms JohnKapson

Application Utility - transactional containers

  1. Alamo Provisionable Containers KevinHartig
  2. Rio as the SGE Substrate (TBD)

Desktop Utility - Network Desktop On Demand

  1. WAN FOGs for SRS — BrianFoley
  2. WAN Fan In Architecture for NDoD — BrianFoley
  3. SunRay Latent Bandwidth Usage — BrianFoley
  4. SunFlight Testing — BrianFoley
  5. Windows App Service using Vmware RinaldoDiGiorgio & AriShamash (TBD)

Customer Experience

  1. User Experience and HMI(TBD)
  2. Princeton as Pre-Beta Customer DavidDorfman

Customer Inhibitors

  1. Customers wants to use Grid but has Security Concerns — VicWinkler, RinaldoDigiorgio, Doug Willoughby
  2. Customer wants to use Grid Apps are not ready — TBD

Applications - Use of the Grid

  1. SAS Demonstration JimConstantine
  2. SPHot - Monte Carlo Simulation JimLangston
  3. D2K Scaling Test NealThomison
  4. Service Provider Pairs Trading RinaldoDiGiorgio & Inductive Solutions
  5. How to use AMPL on a GRID RinaldoDiGiorgio
  6. On demand Text To Speech TTS RinaldoDiGiorgio & BobLutz
  7. Music Information Retrieval RinaldoDiGiorgio & PaulLemere

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