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NEWS - if you can say so

February 2006
I happen to repeat myself upon stating that RiftRoamers.net has still not been updated. Only minor changes of the content, a lot of work on the project itself and that was all about it. I am just now preparing to update RiftRoamers.net to Tiki 1.9.

On the other hand I started a project page covering my second large hobby: model railroading. It can be found via the following link: CN.MODEL-RAILROAD.ORG. The hosting main page is MODEL-RAILROAD.ORG, the latter being in german language. Both sites are not tiki-sites however.


May 2005
RiftRoamers.net is still not updated (the tikiwiki-Installation), but remains actively growing to support the RiftRoamers RPG. Downloads of the RPG-Rules are available in a Beta-Version at the Moment. Not complete but quite playable. The Community is yet small but active. Take a look if you like (the Link is located at the Logo at the bottom of the page).

December 2004
It happened again. Seems nobody can do anything about it, so I just might learn to face the facts: each year around this time of the year I get older.

So what shall I do with this page, now that I am probably the equivalent of one year of experience - okay, lets say a good deal - wiser than a year ago?
I need to change the appearance of this little page some day soon. That said, I realise that I already did. Okay, that's enough for now, comments welcome.

Things allready known

I came across tikiwiki.org a year and a couple of month' ago, set up a 1.6.1 at home on my linux system and tested the hell out of it. My web project at 'http://www.riftroamers.net' got another relaunch from tiki-1.7.0 to tiki-1.8.3 that it is currently running on.

Fortunately the community is very much alive, so any problems during 'save mode' installation and feature configuration were soon solved. Except one: why am I able to send eMail via webmail but not to receive any (servers are okay)? But since I haven't allready read all the questions and suggestions of the community and haven't exploited my own wits, I'll try to find out on my own when my time allows it. wink

But now that I switched the whole site to another server even the webmail feature runs as I had initially expected. There is virtually no day while administrating my site, that I am not impressed by the abilities of TikiWiki. It's simply great!

A little experimentation on my own website led me to a long wanted individual title bar, but then I made a little mistake obviously, because on Opera and Mozilla it renders not at all. Seems there's always something to do. I actually like that a lot.

And the solution was that I never actuall did RTFM. Well a little 'div' tag did all the work. Perhaps I actually should read the tiki-tuning guidelines next time.
We'll see...

I am based at a village named Lindwedel near Hannover (Expo City 2000) in Germany and employed at a large mobile communication network carrier.

I am interested in webpublishing and tried tikiwiki because of getting tired to write my own little content-management tools in php (emphasis on 'trying' here). I did manage a little News-Editing script (which I still use), but that was all about it. Pretty basic stuff.

Of course computers are of interest due to a certain technological curiosity of mine. I run several systems of various ages with linux and redmond based OS.

3D modeling and visualisation is another favourite but I'll save that for the curious folks that might come across this user page.

Model railroading, a long time dormant hobby of mine, also found it's way back into my life.

Well watching my son aproaching year twoo and continously getting in touch with the real world is much more interesting, that's for sure.

Greetinx Mirc biggrin

My web project is RiftRoamers.net

Which - by the way - is unfortunately no ))TikiSite(( anymore...

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