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A Bit About Moi

Hi my name is Stephen Lee and I am 30 from Leeds in England, UK.
I have used ))TikiWiki(( to develop an Intranet for an organisation called NYCRIS who gather statistics on cancer throghout the Northern and Yorkshire areas of England.
I am now in my final year of studying Information and Communication Management BA(Hons) at University. Currently I am doing a research project that aims to explore the role of content management systems in the storage and retrieval of corporate information so if anyone has any literature in this area I would be eternally grateful for your help. biggrin
My intrest in Web Developement started four years ago when I started using HTML on a teaching course. Since then I knew that designing and developing Web Sites was what I wanted to specialise in.
I am now very interested in database driven web sites and how they work.
I have attended a PHP course and self taught myself a lot of SQL especially in using MySQL.


I have designed my own plugins and modules for use with ))TikiWiki(( and also am trying to make the general layout more consistent by changing a lot of templates.
I have also created several plugins, one of which I have attached to this page for extracting information on users from an ldap server especially useful for Intranets.
Also there is a modified application menu tpl and user menu tpl (if using the menu option to create menus.) both will need the modified js file(1.8.3ver) with Image and Image signs instead of the [+] and [-] either side.
See also NHSblue and LDAP projects at http://mods.tiki.org/.




***I did it, I'm now a married man***

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