I've been creating and hosting tikiwiki-based web sites for over 2 years now and have recently begun offering hosting services to others (my tiki optimized hosting is available through my personal site at KellyRued.net).

I am a game developer with Black Love Interactive and ISER Games, and actively involved in the leadership council of the IGDA's Sex SiG to help promote responsible development of adult content in games. That keeps me very busy (we are releasing our sex education game for parents and teens to play together this spring and currently are in the second year of development on our MMOEG Rapture Online).

BUT, when I have more time I intend to help contribute improved documentation for tiki end-users to the tikiwiki project. Tikiwiki is an excellent opensource backend for many types of web sites and I really appreciate the hard work and selfless contributions of all the tikiwiki developers! Hopefully I will be able to give back something to this awesome community soon. smile

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