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Background info about "Viral"

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Background about the Tiki software

Tiki is downloaded over 8000 times a month. There are probably even more (no way to know) installs via Fantastico installer (or others). Tiki is used in tens of thousands of web sites/projects/communities/companies. And many more are used behind the Firewall. Again, we have no reliable way to know.

Yet, only a tiny fraction of these installations result in active contributions to the Tiki community. How can we increase this? If we increase from .01% to .03% (for example), we just tripled the size of the community!

We already have a way for people to register their Tiki powered site to tikiwiki.org (not sure how well it works). While people may want to see others at the early stages, they may not want to share at first because the site is not ready. They should be reminded periodically.

A first step is the new "version check" added to 1.9.9 So Tiki admins are now informed via their admin panel when their Tiki install needs an upgrade.

What else could we do? (Everything would be optional)

Things should be peer-to-peer and scalable. Keep in mind that some people are responsible for many Tiki installations AND some Tiki installations would have several users which would be interested/interesting for viral initiatives.


  • To grow the community
  • For users to help each other
  • To facilitate the creation of local Tiki user groups which are positive assets to their local open knowledge / free source software community.


Who to connect? Tiki users by


Think http://geourl.org/
Tiki installs can enter a geolocalisation and can find out about other Tiki installs/admins within their area, and to encourage the formation of local user groups. Let's make a map of Tiki users to help support Tiki Local User Groups


Tiki is translated in 30+ languages.

Common interest

Have topics/tags/keywords/categories for Tiki-powered sites and permit users to connect with related/similar sites/users. Maybe offer an automagic webring module?

Use Cases

There are over 30 Use Cases for Tiki (and people often use a Tiki for more than 1 use case. Community members could connect with people which share a Use Case.

How to connect?

Live Chat

http://live.tiki.org or http://irc.tiki.org

Forums, etc

Forums, wiki pages, etc.

Local meeting

If someone organizes a local Tiki user group, it should appear in the Tiki admin panel of all people within x km.



Reporting back to the mothership

Share translations

If you make a translation, have a one-click procedure to share back this translation. Related: Translation branching strategy and Translation Server

What else?

It was noted at the www.Blitzweekend.com

  • To be successful, Tiki needs to be easier to use. Done in Tiki3 and Tiki4
  • Older fashion better promotion via "powered by Tiki" (instead of the obtrusive one at the top) Done in Tiki3

Tiki community members expressing support

How could Tiki users be invited to vote for Tiki in awards like the ones monitored by the Communications Team? This could be a box fed by RSS in tiki-admin.php?

Ad serving

Other ideas

Have something like planet Tiki where we aggregate blogs from various community members.


Rick about an email we received by error wrote:

You realize what's happening, right? Starting (I think in 1.9.10), the default bottom bar says Powered by Tiki with a link to tw.o. Apparently folks are clicking that link, thinking that is who runs the website.

Maybe we could/should have a custom landing page for folks clicking a POWERED BY link. It could take them to a list of reasons why *they* should use Tiki....

For the month April 2009, 37% of incoming links to http://tikiwiki.org were from http://support.mozilla.com. This is obviously due to the "Powered by Tiki" link at the bottom of every SUMO page. This represents a huge potential mindshare for Tiki.

What I (ricks99) propose:

  1. Update tiki-bot_bar.tpl to include:
    Copy to clipboard
    {if $prefs.feature_bot_bar_power_by_tw ne 'n'} {tr}Powered by{/tr} <a href="http://info.tiki.org/Powered+{$base_url|urlencode}" title="

    This will create a customized Powered by... link for every site that uses Tiki. For example, the link used by SUMO will now become:
  2. On info.tw.o, create a new Powered page:
    The website you were viewing somehow display the originating URL uses Tiki to power its content.
    Tiki is.... etc.
  3. For high profile site (such as SUMO) we could a specific page detailing why that particular organization selected Tiki.
  4. On info.tw.o, enable the If page does not exist, display similar page option. This way, referrals from http://support.mozilla.com will go directly to the http://info.tiki.org/Powered+http://support.mozilla.com page, but a referral from http://someotherdomain.com will simply go to http://info.tiki.org/Powered

What are your ideas/comments/suggestions?


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