Cypht has been integrated in Tiki and the rest of this page is just kept for posterity.


Due to some licensing issues (see License) and the need of a powerfull webmail system that provides IMAP support (we currently only have POP3) we have been thinking on howto get it on.

The most voted and thought option is to integrate an existing and mature webmail system onto TikiWiki.

The following URL's have a list of webmail systems avaible on the net: (not complete thought)

If you have some spare time please take a look at them and try to reject/approve some rolleyes

More on that webmail dev: WebmailDev


Adopted webmail

we hope to have one...

Engines under consideration

  • RoundCube it's a nice WebMail app, PHP & AJAX based, but GPL and NO POP3.
    • On 31/12/2005 marclaporte placed a 1st contact with that community to query about the licence issues.

Approved webmail engines

  • Inside Systems Mail It's BSD License (according to freshmeat)
  • kmMail
    • Seems frozen or abandoned, last news where: 2002-11-25 14:13
    • BSD License
    • Requires PHP IMAP support
    • Good mime support (according with its sf project page)

Rejected webmails

The following can be used for various reasons:

  • Squirrelmail : It's GPL
    • Would they relicense ?
    • Damian has done some work on it's integration but that would need of a packaging system as we cannot distribute it inside tiki but can install it on the fly.
    • Wanted for it's plugins and some other things.
    • Has it's own IMAP engine, no POP3
      • Damian says: It can collect mail from POP3 accounts!
  • Horde IMP : It's GPL
  • Ilohamail: Also GPL
    • Has it's own IMAP and POP3 engine.
  • NoCC: GPL

Other Webmails

The following are unkown for some reason:

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