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We have a webmail client integrated in Tiki. This mail client works with POP3 accounts but not and now with IMAP.

I have adopted WebMail, please come and join me!
WebMail seems to not have anyone responsible of it, it feels abandoned and is asking if any sould would contribute to it's code and bring it to life.

Status Update (07/23/03)

I have completed preliminary IMAP support. It is not destined for the 1.7 Release Candidate branch but rather, CVS HEAD and will be part of the 1.8 release.
NOTE: Does anybody know where that IMAP support is in the code?

Status Update (07/02/04 DD/MM/YY) telenieko

We're are now looking for various options to get a powerfull webmail system for Tikiwiki

  • Code and design our own fully featured webmail system
  • Integrate an existing mail system into tiki look at WebmailSystems for more about that

In any case coding is needed due to licensing issues.




{SF(aid=>822375)}{SF} (priority 3)
1.9: a patch-> display correctly accents in messages sent in iso-8859-1 or utf-8, and if php mb support is installed, some other charsets
{SF(aid=>822382)}{SF} (priority 2)
{SF(aid=>794625)}{SF} (fixes are already proposed)
doesn't work on html messages (with images, tables...)

Feature requests
A nice list of features

Competition and standards

Please take a look at WebmailSystems

Reviews, Reports, Case Studies:
UPenn Computing Webmail Evaluation Task Force

CVS Doc section

none yet

As mentioned in the IRC channel, it appears that Horde IMP is very popular in academic institutions. That may be, in part, due to UPenn's favorable review. Sadly it does not mention another leading project, SquirrelMail. My impression is that SquirrelMail is less feature-rich, or bloated, resulting in a cleaner, faster mail experience. Just my humble opinion. I personally vote for SM since my university uses IMP, and either IMP is just really slow or our servers are misconfigured. I, and most of my fellow students, hate IMP with a vengeance. -Terence

(Well the two have a key difference, SM is POP and IMP is IMAP, which is a bit of an issue outside university. Horde IMP isn't very popular in academia due to UPenn, I assure you the admins here at Harvard couldn't care less what UPenn thinks. They used the first available tool, which was Horde/IMP, and since they've had time to manipulate it to their liking, there's no reason for them to change.

Note: Squirrelmail actually supports IMAP. See two quotes below.

If tikiwiki's mail supported both SPOP3, SIMAP, and PGP, or if Squirrelmail supported both, it would see more adoption at the university level. IMAP with IMP is tougher to install and configure, but in the long run its easier to manage users and protect their email which in the war on Outlook is pretty much key.

I see now Squirrelmail has added both SIMAP and PGP, youmay want to just strip SM and roll it into Tiki as a replacement for webmail. It looks like I may have to do that myself to get the frigging thing accepted at my work over Lotus Domino.) - Jake

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