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Now let's examine the options available in the Wiki Menu:

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  • Home (go back to the Wiki HomePage)
  • Last Changes (see last changes)
  • Rankings (see several rankings)
  • Dump (download a dump of the wiki)
  • List Pages (listing of wiki pages)
  • Orphan pages (listing of orphan pages)
  • Sand Box (test page to practice editing skills)
  • Print (used to print multiple pages)
  • Send is used to send Wiki pages to other sites
    • Received pages shows a list of pages received from other sites and you will be able to edit/remove/accept them
    • Structures can be used to define structures of wiki pages.

Note: All the features can be enabled/disabled from the admin menu. Click on admin and then go to the wiki section of the admin panel to configure your wiki features and options.

Last Changes

The last changes screen can be used to see what happened to the Wiki recently (or not so recently), as you can see the information is displayed in a tabular way indicating for each change the page and action, the user that changed the page an Ip for that user and the comment (if entered).

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In our example you can see that we updated "HomePage" and then we created "MyFirstPage". While this screen can be used by anyone wanting to see what happened recently it is also a great tool for admins to check what is happening in the Wiki without having to check if page. The links above the table allows you to select the period of time you want to cover. Pagination is used so clicking all want destroy the server but you may have to navigate a lot of pages.


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The rankings screen can be used to see several charts or rankings about the Wiki, you have to select the ranking you want to see from the select box and you can select if you want to see the Top 10, 20, 50 or 100 results. Clicking view displays the ranking. The rankings that you have available may depend on the Tiki version you are using since one of the things that we may add in new versions is new rankings. Check it out!


The Dump link is a link to a Dump of the Wiki (if the Dump was created from the admin screen) this will download a .tar file containing a xhtml representation of the pages in the Wiki.

List Pages

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This screen will show you a list of the Wiki pages with some interesting information about pages such as number of visits (hits), who was the last user that edited the page, number of versions in the page. Links found in the page and the size in bytes. This listing can be ordered by any column clicking the column title, note that if you reclick the same column the order is reversed. This behavior is the same in all the listings in Tiki so we should remark it.

Note: In all the Tiki listings if the column title is a link you can click it to make the listing appear ordered by the selected column, to reverse the order just click again on the column title.

Sand Box

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If enabled from the admin screen there will be a special page in the wiki named SandBox the SandBox behaves like a normal page with the following exceptions:

  1. everybody can edit edit the SandBox bypassing permissions.
  2. no versions of the SandBox will be stored, the page cannot be deleted, or rolled back.

The SandBox is useful as a practice page where users can practice their editing skills and get used to the WikiTiki editing syntax. Many wikis offer a SandBox as a way to get familiar with the Wiki.

Orphan Pages

The orphan pages listing will list all the Wiki pages that are not linked from any other page, in many situations this can be correct, for example the home page may not be linked, personal user pages may not be linked, pages that are linked directly from a customized home page or menus or modules may not be linked etc.

In some other cases this listing can be used to detect pages that are dangling in the Wiki and you may want to remove them or add a link to the page from other pages if you want.

See wiki orphan pages on this site

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The print feature can be used to obtain a printable representation of not one but many Wiki pages (as many as you want). The following screen can be used to select which pages will be printed:

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Select the pages you want using the combo, if the combo has just too many pages to handle it use the filter box above to restrict the number of page names that will be offered as options. Add as many pages as you want and the click the print button.

The result can be something like this:

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You can save or print the result, remember that the result is to be printed, not used, the links won t work if this is saved as a local html page.

Permissions for the Wiki

If you want to configure the permission system for the Wiki you will be able to set the following permissions for groups:

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The tiki_p_admin_wiki permission is a master permission that automatically includes the other 4 permissions that can be set for the Wiki.

The Wiki mail-in feature

The wiki mail-in feature can be used to setup email accounts that can be used to read write and modify wiki pages. As admin click on the Mail-in link in the admin section of the application menu to get to the mail-in admin section.

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In this screen you can set-up mail accounts indicating the POP3 server, the SMTP server and the user-password to be used, it s like any normal email configuration tool with the adition that you can indicate the type of mail account to set-up there re four types of accounts.

  • wiki-get
  • wiki-put
  • wiki-append
  • wiki

wiki-get accounts

When an email is sent to the account indicating in the subject the name of a Wiki page Tiki will answer the email sending the wiki page to the sender.

wiki-put accounts

When an email is received indicating the name of a wiki page in the subject the body of the email will be used to overwrite the wiki page indicated.

wiki-append accounts

When an email is received indicating the name of a wiki page in the subject of the email the wiki page is appended with the data in the body of the email.

wiki accounts

Wiki accounts can be used to GET, PUT and APPEND wiki pages, the body of the email is the page conent, the subject is used to indicate what to do.


Wiki File Attachments

If you enable wiki file attachments and if you have the permissions you will be able to see a list of attached files for wiki pages. You can also see a box to upload a new file if you have the permission to attach files to wiki pages.

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Registered users are allowed to remove files they uploaded (so they can mantain an attachment without duplicating it).

For more information


Mail-in part is now at doc:Mail-in

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