Wiki plugins : db interface

These plugins let you do almost anything you would expect from web forms linked to a database. I use them at the university where I work, for:

  • Managing student records
  • Listing students in many ways
  • Harvesting data from an online registration page for students
  • Managing exam results, deliberations, and even diplomas
  • ...

The first three items have been used quite a lot in production, so it's alreay pretty stable.

I also began a project of using it for managing books/loans of the library of our department.

You will find the plugins in attachement. Please note that this is a pre-pre-release! There is no security, so be sure not to use it in production or to lock all pages! There is no english documentation yet, so it's quite unusable if you don't get help and you don't want to dig in the code (I'll try to make some small tutorial, although; have a look at WikiPluginsDbTutorial )...

Anyway, if you're here, there is some chance you know why... So, have fun with it, at your own expense ;-) .

Here are some screenshots:





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