Due to its ease of use, the Tiki Community recently completed two translation sprints, pushing the German and French languages towards 100% completion. With more than 45 active translator accounts, other languages are not far behind.

"The on-screen process is very easy for non-techies," says Rodrigo Sampaio Primo. "They can quickly and easily make corrections without having to dig through the PHP code."

"It makes it easy to participate," adds Torsten Fabricius. "With the interactive translation feature, I'm able to contribute and give back to the Tiki community... without needing an extensive coding background."

During FOSDEM 2011 (February 5-6 in Brussels, Belgium), the process was demonstrated for meeting attendees and all were impressed by the process. This video, by Philippe Back, shows how easy and efficient Tiki's interactive translation really is:

(Sorry, video is missing as it was uploaded to a platform which later died)

For more information on the Tiki translation server, visit http://i18n.tiki.org