Major changes in Tiki 1.7

Galaxia Workflow Engine: A full-fledged workflow engine is added to Tiki, the engine implements an activity-based workflow where activities are represented as PHP scripts and interactive activities are modeled as a combination of one PHP script and one Smarty template. A process modeler including a process graph, wizards and editors are included to create, monitor and execute processes. Processes can be imported/exported using an XML format. This opens a whole new world of opportunities to your Tiki!

JgraphPad integration: JgraphPad is now the official editor for drawings that can be then included in Wiki pages, articles, blog posts and other Tiki objects. Using JGP you can create really powerful and nice looking graphs, diagrams and other drawings. An amazing tool which includes drawing history.

WAP & VoiceXML support: Tiki is now integrated to HAWHAW Yes! you will be able to browse your Wiki using a PDA or cell-phone. With VoiceXML, you can have your wiki page read to you and you can surf with voice commands!

Live support system: A revolutionary new approach to live-support chat, without frames or browsers reloading. Tiki users can be configured as operators, users can "request" support and operators accept support calls starting a one-on-one chat. You can now chat with your users if they have a problem!

Event Calendar: Added a general Calendar feature for tiki content browsing and group calendar management. Uses overLIB and some javascript enhancements.

phpOpenTracker integration: phpOpenTracker is a framework solution for the analysis of website traffic and visitor analysis. Tiki provides a template based GUI to phpopentracker so you can see statistics of all sorts about your site.

Charts and rankings: A new feature where charts and rankings can be created, weekly, daily, monthly or real-time charts can be created.

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Print2PDF: Wiki pages can be converted to PDF

Short URLs search-engine friendliness: Re-write rules added so your Tiki objects can be accessed in a search-engine friendly way.

Enhanced Install system including multisite feature to easily install and manage several tiki sites.

Banning system: Users can be banned by IP or username from one or many sections of Tiki, the system accepts regular expressions for user names and wildcards for IPs (IP ranges). The rules can be configured to be active in a specified period of time implementing a suspension mechanism.

Copyrights management System: allows you to specify a content license under which all wiki pages are published when submitted.

Amazing forums: the forums section will feature a lot of improvements matching top-level forum players like phpBB and others:

Blogs revamped: The tiki blogs will have now the same or even more features than other blogging PHP packages

WYSIWYG editor: A WYSIWYG HTML editor is added to Tiki features where HTML editing is supported and expected. Using the editor is optional. HTMLArea is used as the WYSIWYG editor.

UTF-8 encoding for emails and rss for better international support

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Tiki Debugger Console for tiki developers or admins

Better layout for admin screens, including direct links to documentation on tikiwiki.org

Better UI: user interfaces will be improved adding icons and improving the layout and alignment of tables. Listings can now be configured selecting which columns to display.

Multi page articles: A single wiki-page, blog or article can have any number of pages with a very simple syntax to define pages, automatic navigation is added to multi-page articles.

Wiki: Optionally admin can choose if the user who creates a page has admin privileges over that page (remove, assign perms, etc)

WebServer authentication feature: if admin wants, the user is automatically logged to Tiki once the WebServer authentication is used.

Enhanced Category & structure systems, improved wiki syntax, many new plugins (Category, CatPath, CatOrphans, Sort, Box, module, collapsible, monospaced, etc)

Improved uploading: In image galleries, file galleries and user files up to 6 files can now be uploaded in a single post without using the batch upload feature.

Many new themes (matrix, moreneat, mose, Geo, Trollparty, Akwa, neat, tiki, "notheme"

Mechanism to prevent script/robotic user registration is supported,

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Special thanks to mose for coordinating this release.