Join us at the conference and meet developers from Tiki (including Tiki Administrator Marc Laporte) and many other projects!

Community work continues towards getting Tiki listed on the Microsoft Web Platform Installer Gallery in order to make Tiki installations and upgrades on a Microsoft server as easy as possible. This is part of the overall Tiki strategy of improving Platform independence.

Video produced by Christian Aubry, KINDOWEB.COM and INBOX International.
Tiki + Microsoft IIS Server Background

In this video Marc-André Lanciault, leader of the ImpressCMS project, talks with Marc Laporte, a Tiki community administrator, and Wade Hilmo from Microsoft about integrating open source CMS systems on Microsoft IIS Web servers.

This video was recorded on May 12, 2010, during the Confoo conference.

Make Web Not War is part of Mondev Open Source Week, which includes several events including Webcom Montreal 2010, where Marc is scheduled to present "A Wiki for your organization: Why and How?"