The Tiki Community will join together for a Virtual TikiFest June 2020.

Several tasks, discussions, topics are being organized and the details, plans, and schedule will be decided online on separate wiki pages. Meetings then can be organized directly by the participants at any time.

Step 1: We’ll meet all on Saturday, 13 June 2020, at a time to be determined, like the opening meeting of a traditional TikiFest. If you have a preference about the time, please vote here :

Step 2: Similar to how normal TikiFests have breakout sessions for specific topics, we will do the same online. Please visit the topic pages and child pages and add your name, thoughts, preferred date/time, etc.

Several pages have child pages, so please visit and contribute. The more information, opinions, ideas, etc. we can have on these pages before the meetings, the more organized the discussions and the better the results.
For now a few pages have been already populate and we did most what’s possible to prepare the other pages on our free time. If you want something to be discussed/done during this Tikifest feel free to add your stone. ?

Step 3: We’ll also have an "evening cocktail" meeting (more social than Tiki task focused) and later on we’ll decide of the "pickup to the airport" (conclusion) meeting ?. Please vote for the date/time of this meeting :

This is If you see something that should be improved, just do it. ?

See you next Saturday,
TVF2020 Organisers (Bernard, Gary, Jean-Marc, Jonny)… (more volunteers are welcomed) !