There is a lot to talk about at the meeting this month. The topics are wide-ranging, and maybe we won't get to them all, but the agenda includes, in the first hour of quick topics:

  • Tiki security releases: News and status
  • Should we consider supporting Fontawesome Pro?
  • How to encourage people to use the Tiki forums
  • How to deal with a bug that can't be easily explained (and even the topic is hard to name 😂)
  • How to have user "private pages"
  • Tiki and translations
  • Advanced Shopping Cart revamp for Tiki 24
  • Fosdem will happen online again

The second hour, for longer topics, will include talking about:

  • Cookies — Consent status and improvements
  • Deeper discussion about How to Have Fewer Bugs in Tiki
  • Selenium Tests (or alternatives), and
  • Translations ... what will be the (near) future procedure?

So a nice range of topics, and hopefully something of interest to each participant. Please join us!