TRM November2021 Table

First hour, quick topics
• Tiki security releases: News and status
• Should we consider supporting Fontawesome Pro?
• Related: Bootstrap also has an icon set now ( This could be added along with Bootstrap 5.
• Encouragement to use the Tiki forums
• How to deal with a bug that can't be easily explained (even the topic is hard to name 😂)
Example; tracker field visibility, all my attempt to use it on Tiki 18 to 23 with plugin List or CustomSearch failed.
It is very hard to reproduce, touches too many areas and combinations are endless.
• Tiki indexes "recipes"
• In-a-InnoDB-populated-database-the-indexes-are-MyISAM?
• Solution for the index multiplication of constantly updated Tiki
• What is your solution to have user "private pages" ?
• Tiki and translations
• Advanced Shopping Cart revamp for Tiki 24
• Help needed on forums (5 month old (!)
• Broken display for sub-forum
• Not-possible-to-move-discussions-in-forum
• Article this month about ...?
• Fosdem will happen online again
• Who can prepare a presentation about a Tiki high point which will be appearing for end of January?
• Mailing Lists / Newsletter administration + moving of Email server -> we need a team to fix a number of issues
mainly a temporary project or task force.. Who will participate, when we start, finalize at which deadline?
• Dogfood use of CalDav integration in
Ex: Torsten subscribed the Tiki Community Calendar. Thus after the vote for the Round Table meeting Torsten automatically gets a new event to his Thunderbird and Android calendars. This is just awesome!
Short description or demo optional (if enough time).
• Translations - short here and postpone to December or today longer in 2nd hour?

Second hour, longer topics
• Cookies consent status Cookie-consent-improvements
• Deeper discussion about How to Have Fewer Bugs in Tiki: What are the patterns of the bugs (most frequent and most nasty) (Marc) (45 minutes)
• Selenium Tests (or alternatives) to set up semiautomatic or automatic tests prior to commits or at commit time. See also Testing. Related to Marc's topic How to Have Fewer Bugs in Tiki (Torsten)
• Do we need/want and if yes which tool ... is Selenium the tool we should use or try?
• Resources ... where we install Selenium (or alternative), payment of the resource, management of the server
• Test development ... Torsten likes to give it a try and learn to write tests ... more people needed for (if possible) connection to Git, respectively to do automatization and to send error messages to developers (ex: new code / fix brakes this test related to that feature, please check or contact member XYZ)
• Best practices for developers ...
• Translations ... what will be the (near) future procedure and where to put and find a guideline
• Maybe we need to decide new best practices or general rules for translations and leave Transifex?
ideas, objections etc.
• Objection: We just got new Slovak language translations via user on Transifex
• Suggestion: at some point after setting up Translation guidelines a six month translation run for the major languages. Similar to what we did in 2010 with German and French. Ex: Q3 and Q4 2022.

See you soon,