Problems started during the beginning of this year with CVS branch for 1.7 receiving files from HEAD. After many hours of reviewing CVS commits, CVS history, mailing lists, and checkouts between 1st Jan and mid March we have come up to this conclusion:

If you do:

cvs co -d tiki -r BRANCH-1-8 tikiwiki

you get 1.8 release of TikiWiki, however the phplayers checkout at the end doesn't work

so you do:

cd tiki
cvs co phplayers

or you want to play with tikibot:

cd tiki
cvs co smartirc
cvs co wollabot

these modules don't have branch tags and reset your lib/ folder to HEAD. So when you do a:

cvs update -dP

your tiki gets updated, but lib/ runs to HEAD instead of BRANCH-1-8 except for subfolders which contain a CVS/Tag file

That is why you end up with homework, wiki3d and jukebox amongst others appearing in lib/

We will get those modules branch tagged and then hopefully everything will return to normal, so we can look forward to 1.7.7, 1.8.3 and a 1.9 RC1.