As this first release is out, I branched the cvs with a new branch for
managing the freeze on features to make possible the strengthening of the existing 1.9 solution.

Managing multple branches and cascading merges is not very easy,
here is what we have right now :


  • will bring you the 1.7.8 tiki version
  • That version is maintained essentialy for people that don't want to upgrade the db but still want to get security fixes. But that version is not evolving anymore and should not get anything new. Only fixes. And mostly about security.


  • is the 1.8.4 version
  • Still living and stable on most tikiwiki production sites, this version is protected by the eye of the stability. Some small new things can appear there but only with lotta checks and approvals. The goal of 1.8 is to be stable and reliable as a production profesional application. Development on that branch mainly focus on visual enhancement, bug fixes, translations, and documentation.


  • is the 1.9 branch, just created and frozen
  • It will be the focus of the development for next weeks, to test new features and integrate them all harmoniously in tiki. No new features should be added there but existing ones can move and get improved, to make them released in 1.9 final version.

  • is the 1.10 still moving default branch
  • That's where new things should go. But development on head should stop for some time, so we can focus on 1.9 and make it strong, fast and rich.

Upgrading from 1.8 to 1.9rc1

  • follow steps like a normal install, and at web install step just select your old db, and run the 1.8to1.9 db upgrade script. Not that it only applies to MySQL and other db should dump the db from 1.8, hack it and dump it in 1.9 (and pray, as I said, it's a devel version). But for mysql users it should be really painless. Think to copy to new version local content stored in filesystem (like img/wiki and img/wiki_up).

Now 1.9 next step will be to document and translate old and new stuff.
(and, of course, fixes)