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This blog is for (viewable for Registered but only Admins and Infrastructure Team can post) logging the activities of the website Gardeners so that all other Gardeners can know what has been changed, configured, done, etc. on *.tiki.org websites. Gardeners, please use this blog to regularly post about the configurations you made. Technicals and Hosts please post server config to /blog29

Naming things

Mose Friday 04 July 2003
for easy of use in name, I suggest we use wtw to shorten www.tikiwiki so it represents the website tikiwiki.org in that case dtw would be demo.tikiwiki is that choice acceptable ?

No title specified

Mose Friday 04 July 2003

I turned off the features fo Custom home and Quizzes as I don't believe that these will be used here and are not in use at this time.

I also activated the wiki to store 10 vesions of a page but to not delete unless they are ove 2 days old. This should give us an adaquate rollback postion in the event of being vandalized.

I hve to say the speed of this site is much better than the demo ever was.

Thanks Mose!

And So It Begins...

Mose Friday 04 July 2003

I started this blog today at the suggestion of Mose. biggrin

We will make a valliant attempt to log what we to and with this site in this blog.