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Tiki Website Gardeners' Blog

This blog is for (viewable for Registered but only Admins and Infrastructure Team can post) logging the activities of the website Gardeners so that all other Gardeners can know what has been changed, configured, done, etc. on *.tiki.org websites. Gardeners, please use this blog to regularly post about the configurations you made. Technicals and Hosts please post server config to /blog29

2024-06-20 - Fix consultants search

Jean-Marc Libs Friday 21 June 2024

Fix consultants search


On page https://tiki.org/Consultants there is a customsearch which offers to select languages but when I select a langage (any language), the result is :

No results for query.

Service offered has the same issue.

  • Any text
  • Type
  • Location

work fine

I could not figure out how to fix this easily.

Attempted Quick Fix


Quick and dirty fix

I remove the selections

  • languages
  • Service offered

from the customsearch

I hope someone else can improve on this.


Jonny Bradley Sunday 25 February 2024

I was just about to reenable feature_jquery_tablesorter on doc but it says Configuration forced by host., as it is on dev.t.o also, but not here on tiki.org...

There's a decision i missed 😬😁

Community site menu updated

Gary Cunningham-Lee Thursday 02 November 2023

Since the "info.tiki.org" navigation revamp in the top module zone, there have been redundant menu items in that menu and the topbar menu. The idea of that revamp is that there would be a global menu at the top of each of the Tiki project sites, including tiki.org, doc.tiki.org, dev.tiki.org, and themes.tiki.org, to guide people to introductory information, etc. Then each of the sites would have a topbar menu specific to the site. There's no need for the global menu and site-specific menu to contain the same links, so the revised menu at tiki.org removes those.

The remaining menu items in the topbar menu I tried to group in some logical way, with "community"-related links, links to blogs and forums, and event-related links grouped, along with a "more about Tiki" group containing the links that were left over after the other groupings. These links are related to general information about Tiki.

This rearrangement is open to feedback and refinement (not to rejection, I hope 😉 ) so please let me know what you think.

Session storage

Jonny Bradley Friday 13 October 2023

As reported by Volker on the dev list (hmm, WSoD on https://tiki.org/forum26 again by the way) "remember me" doesn't seem to have been working since the upgrades to 26.x, and he reckoned setting the pref session_storage=db fixed it for him, so i've done that one dev only for now to see if there's a difference.

It logged me out, and presumably everyone else, sorry about that - could do with a warning 😬

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