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This blog is for (viewable for Registered but only Admins and Infrastructure Team can post) logging the activities of the website Gardeners so that all other Gardeners can know what has been changed, configured, done, etc. on *.tiki.org websites. Gardeners, please use this blog to regularly post about the configurations you made. Technicals and Hosts please post server config to /blog29

Gardeners' Blog is now readable by anonymous

Gary Cunningham-Lee Thursday 09 February 2023

Following up on the decision at the recent Tiki Admin Group meeting, I added the permission to read the Gardeners' Blog to anonymous visitors (and so also search engines, etc.). Before changing the permission, I took a trip down memory lane as I read through all the posts (quite a few, but they're short ) to make sure, as requested, that no sensitive information would be revealed.

Also, as decided at the meeting, TogetherJS and Google Analytics have been deactivated.

The wiki pages of the most recent two Tiki Admin Group meetings were missing from the structure for these pages, and so were added to it. There should probably be a comment on the TAG meeting wiki content template to be sure to add new pages to the structure.

Dealing with email bounces...

Marc Laporte Tuesday 10 January 2023

Today, I invested most of the day for Manual cleanup of email bounces

We are getting closer (still many days of work) of the clean up being done. When this is solved, we can switch to the new mail server.

I asked Josaphat to start working on Email bounce handling documentation (and thus testing) as this will make work faster.

I tried sending myself a test email from tiki.org (via Sendmail) to two different gmail addresses and none arrived. I think Gmail may just be dropping all email coming from the tiki.org server. So we'd better move to new server ASAP.

Module on dev

Jonny Bradley Thursday 24 November 2022

I started tweaking the modules in the top header on dev.t.o and ended up reworking them with flex classes instead of col ones. I think it works quite nicely for most screen sizes but no doubt could be improved (had enouh now ;)

Thought i'd document it here:

Name topclass
logo d-block d-md-none flex-grow-1
logo d-none d-md-flex flex-grow-1
quickadmin mx-0 mx-md-2
notificationlink me-0 me-sm-3
login_box d-sm-none
login_box d-none d-sm-block

Testing new mail server

Marc Laporte Monday 14 November 2022

Settings for sending email at https://profiles.tiki.org/tiki-admin.php?page=general have been updated.

  • The new mail server is at mail.system.tiki.org
  • Hosted by EvoluData (On a dedicated server)
  • Set up by Horia
  • Powered by the Virtualmin mail stack
  • SPF has been set up
  • We use via SMTP with a cron job (every 10 minutes)

It is for transactional email. Another server will later be set up for email accounts for humans/teams.

We are starting with profiles.tiki.org because it is low volume.

We need to monitor bounces and make sure we don't spam.

Details: https://avan.tech/Mail-servers-for-the-Tiki-Association

Perms tightened on "info" pages

Gary Cunningham-Lee Friday 11 November 2022
I changed the permissions on the "info.t.o" category pages so only admins can edit the pages and attach files. This could have been done earlier but I finally got around to it. I had to fix a couple of edits (well-intentioned ones, I think, but not appropriate) and remove one file attachment that looked like it was done as a test, so there were no big problems but it's better to not have the risk.