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Clean up of configurations, and some code fixes related to perspectives and areas, and multi-domain perspectives

Marc Laporte Wednesday 02 August 2023

The Perspectives feature is a little shaky, and using Areas is downright buggy. And when you add Domain redirects, Multi-domain Configuration (mapping the domain name to the perspective ID), there are all kinds of edge cases. And it's difficult to debug because we can't easily reproduce a multi-domain configuration.

Victor and Jonny proceeded to a bunch of fixes from 2023-07-31 to 2023-08-02 on 26x: https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/commits/26.x

I think we should stop using perspectives and areas on tiki.org, and if do use them, it should be on dev.tiki.org, with perhaps:

  • developer docs
  • issues
  • translations
  • security

Retired and Archived Categories Added at doc.t.o to Deal with Old Information

Gary Cunningham-Lee Thursday 30 March 2023

Looking to add some documentation, I was reminded of the old and completely useless pages that should be filtered out of sight in some way so, in line with the proposal here — Proposal for Handling Old Pages — I added Retired and Archived categories at doc.tiki.org. Retired is admin-accessible-only and is for pages that no longer have useful information, and Archived is Registered-accessible-only and is for pages that may still have some value but that it's better for casual visitors and search engines not to see.

Probably most pages that will be affected by this sorting will go into Retired, but I thought the Archived category might be useful for borderline cases.

Of course many of the remaining pages have sections that are out of date, etc., but need to stay public. On these pages, I suggest that information referring to old Tiki versions that are no longer supported should be deleted from the page, if the information is counter to current practices or otherwise not helpful. It still exists in the page versions history if anyone needs to see it. A note could be added on the page explaining that, but this might just be more clutter so maybe it's better not to bother.

Updated search facets on dev

Jonny Bradley Friday 17 March 2023

A few days ago i was trying to do a search on dev but the facets were broken, i think because there were too many of them, making the GET request too big, so i added a bunch of not so interesting fields to the search_excluded_facets pref.

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There probably should be some sort of self limiting mechanism, possibly to do as part of the search front end revamp i've heard talk of (but can't find a page about)

"Logging and reporting": setting to default settings for all *.tiki.org sites

Marc Laporte Thursday 02 March 2023

Changed here:

So it should be more consistent, and it well help us focus on higher priority message.

We will eventually setup GlitchTip on Pre-dogfood servers for Tiki 26 release process