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Is it possible to Watch on FAQ suggestion?

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I'm help on the admin tasks on a tiki site (v 1.8.4) where some people suggested some FAQ questions long ago, and we didn't notice.

Is there any way to "watch" (subscribe in order to receive an e-mail at) the suggestion of any new FAQ?

I couldn't find it even with admin rights ...

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Quick answer,

No, I do not think at this time you can have mail back for FAQ suggestions.

Here are a couple of my thoughts on this subject.


The built in FAQ system is not a good way to go for a help desk situation. It is excellent as a basic portal to commonly asked questions. However, for ongoing input or help desk work it falls short. I would suggest about a max of 10-12 FAQ on the List FAQ page (interest area) and again 10-12 questions/answers per interest area. So, simple and quick information.

Trackers, a different approach

The Trackers are much better suited to a more comprehensive FAQ - Help Desk situation. With the Trackers you may quickly create a custom Input area and use the permissions to control access. You may set up Operators and they may be restricted by the permission system as well as being able to"Watch" the Tracker and get mail in their personal or out side mail box.

An example of what I mean can be found below. Using this method We may,

  • Create a complex Help Desk
  • Draw information out of the DB using the SQL Plugin
  • Use it across sites in a Framed window.
  • Include it in other PHP based applications. IE; I use Crafty Syntax Live Help as my main help desk. I need to be multi-site and unrelated. So I may include different Trackers into the custom fields of the Crafty Syntax Live Help System. Very neat?

A work in progress perhaps. LTP Help Desk.

Trackers rock.