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parse error, unexpected T_SL

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Hi All,

Still trying to track down the no login problem. I'm getting the following error on the log:

parse error, unexpected T_SL in /tikiwiki/tiki-login.php on line 17

I check out line 17 and it is:

// Alert user if cookies are switched off
<<<<<<< tiki-login.php

Now, I also noticed that the segments below it reference the PHPSESSID:

// Alert user if cookies are switched off
<<<<<<< tiki-login.php
if (ini_get('session.use_cookies') == 1) {
	if(!isset($_COOKIE['efnj_PHPSESSID'])) {
// for some reason, CAS proxy tickets don't work if the following cookie check occurs: help!
global $auth_ext_xml_cas_proxy;
if (ini_get('session.use_cookies') == 1 && $auth_ext_xml_cas_proxy != 'y') {
	if(!isset($_COOKIE['PHPSESSID'])) {
>>>>>>> 1.43
		$url = 'tiki-error.php?error=' . urlencode(tra('You have to enable cookies to be able to login to this site'));
		header("location: $url");

Note that the first mention if the SESSID is correct because I have a modified SESSID variable. The next call to it is still looking for the PHPSESSID and not efnj_PHPSESSID.

What is the "<<<<<<< tiki-login.php" directive doing?

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You modified your tiki-login.php and did a cvs update that found a conflict in this file.
If your modifications are not important, remove tiki-login.php and cvs -q update tiki-login.php
Otherwise, solve the conflict that is between (it is a cvs stuff)

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That looks to me like a cvs up conflict.

you need to choose which is the best and delete between the >>

if you are unsure delete the file and cvs up again.

you better also grep the source for other cvs conflicts:

{CODE()}grep -r "

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