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Question about menu

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How do I have a menu option come out of previous menu section?

Example: In tikiwiki.org, 'Get support via IRC' is out of the previous section, 'Tiki Support Forums'

otherwise put, in a menu how do I end adding options to a section?

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Trick: Adding a new section? (I haven't tried myself, but it should work...)

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But the new menu entries that I want to add are not sections. Setting them from option to a section would put a - sign infront which I don't want to happen.

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I noticed in the source of the tikiwiki.org pages, the "Get support via IRC" link has an "optionline" div tag, and the items below it have an "option" div tag; however, there is no "optionline" describer in the CSS file. I don't know what menu setting gives "Get support via IRC" the behavior it has or its "optionline" div.

While on this topic, does anyone know how Menu item types "sorted section" and "separator" are supposed to work? I don't see any behavior difference between "sorted section" and "section", and when I make a menu item a "separator," it disappears from the menu. Tiki style sheet comments say "Separators are used to separate menu areas in the application menu and user created menus" and have link styles so obviously they are meant to display (though section links also get the separator styles).

-- Gary

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The optionline class is defined in tikineat.css stylesheet which is what tw.org uses.

.option {
.optionline {
border-top : 1px dashed #8CACBB;
margin-top : 2px;
padding-top : 2px;

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I have the same problem as raised by Siridhar. I have a menu I'm creating. I have several top-level options, then a section, then I want to go back to top-level options, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do that. Not everything should have to be in a section, I think, just because you've used one section.

I suppose if I have to I can just move all the sections and their contents to the end, but I think this may qualify as a bug. Unless there's a way to do this that isn't obvious?



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It may be obvious after you recognize it. ;-) To get to the bottom of the mystery, I spent five minutes doing a little test. Like you, I had a menu with several options, then a section with some options under it.

My test involved trying that mysterious separator item next in my menu. Hmm, it didn't show up at all. Then I made another option item below it. It showed up just like the option items at the top of the menu. Clearly the separator's purpose is to "close" the section to allow new top-level option items. It's good to do a little experimenting in cases like this.

-- Gary - zukakakina.com