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I looked first , I swear

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Ok I know everyone here worked really hard on TikiWiki an I really appreciate it. In Theory CMS could save tons of time (I'm not having much luck making a Photo sharing site that can do articles and forums and such... but thats a different story).


The question I've been searching the forums for is :

How do I get rid of those damn words "Tiki" "Wiki" and "MyTiki." Iknow the documentation says to go to the menu manager and change the name that appear with that. It works for everything else (or at least everything eklse i tried), except "MyTiki." I just got rid of the whole "tiki" (or was it "wiki") section. I really don't understand what use that is anyway, I must be missing something I'm sure. But I can't get rid of the "MyTiki" section, it's pretty important.

Surely I'm not the only one with this issue. Last time I needed a CMS for a site I just dropped TikiWiki and went with Xoops. Time before that I dropped it and went with phpWebsite. Others have just choosen a different CMS, I'm sure (I talked to one last week).
I'm wanting to give TikiWiki another chance but I absolutely cannot have someone else brand name all over MY sites. Much less if I get a client that needs a CMS. What would I tell them:
"Sorry sir I just can't get rid of that word because:"
A - "I don't know how"
B -"I'm not allowed, you see, I didn't really make that site I just configured it and tthe people who did make it won't let me , sir? What do you mean you'll just pay them instead of me?, sir? sir? Hello are you still there? I trhink we got disconnected . . . "
C -"I'm not gonna cause I just don't want too."

I'm sure your proud of all your hard work, and you should be but please make it so it can be used....
It's sorta like a car dealer forcing a big decal of their logo that can't be removed, unless you take out the steering wheel, on the side of your new car. They could say "Sure you can take it off, just remove the steering wheel, see?"

Of course I could be completely wrong:

A - There could some other way to change it that I don't know about or
B -Maybe everyone else (and thier clients) are fine with your brand name all over their sites.
C -Maybe the Cheney/Rove Administration is just controlling what my eyes see.wink

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You are free to remove TikiWiki and Tiki, Wiki, MyTiki change what you want.

grep -r "tikiwiki" *

just replace tikiwiki with the word you want to replace and it will list each file you need to change.

If you want to hide the fact its TikiWiki, remember to redesign all the CSS file to remove all the tiki- elements, and maybe also run the filename renamer to remove tiki- from each and every file.

There are tons and tons of Tiki- everywhere :-) and if your honest with the client and say its a open source CMS which may contain bugs and problems, 99% of my clients are happy with that.

You cant say its your own work, remember that its Copyrighted by the Tiki Community, that is everyone who has ever submitted a line of code to the project! but you are free to remove all references to the words tiki, tikiwiki, blah blah.


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Thank you for your fast reply...

I'm not sure exactly what to do with the code you gave me though....

File re-naming isn't necessary (not a bad idea tho) and wouldn't dream of getting trid of the "Powered by TikiWiki" graphic. I don't tell my clients that I made the whole thing but they do want to know that I can make it do what ever they want. Same way with themes. I don't want to deny a designer there credit if they are offering thier work for others to use for free. But I don't want thier "signature" plastered all over it.

But I do want people who actually care about such things (like other developers and people who actually would purchase these kind of things to see this info wuithout having to look for it. Its a delicate balance.

However if a client wants to get rid of the logo can it be replaced with a textual link in the footer?

Also can liscense be purchased to complelty remove all reference to its origin if a client wanted that, like with other CMS's? It's never come up. but it's always good to have answers ready.

Reading your liscense has me confused it satates I should get rid of any reference to TikiWiki:
"If You create a Derivative Work, upon notice from any Licensor You must, to the extent practicable, remove from the Derivative Work any reference to such Licensor or the Original Author, as requested."

AND keep it:
"in the case of a Derivative Work, a credit identifying the use of the Work in the Derivative Work (e.g., "French translation of the Work by Original Author," or "Screenplay based on original Work by Original Author"). Such credit may be implemented in any reasonable manner; provided, however, that in the case of a Derivative Work or Collective Work, at a minimum such credit will appear where any other comparable authorship credit appears and in a manner at least as prominent as such other comparable authorship credit"

does this mean that if they don't like my cotent they have the right to ask me to remove references to TikiWiki?
IT probably wouldn't come up but I was confused by that when i first tried it long ago....

My plan so far is to replace ebverything in the footer with some text like "Owned and Operated by (link)Texx Smith(/link)(linebreak)Powered by (link)TikiWiki(/link) technology."
Or something like that anyway.
Everything else will probable go. That's acceptable right?

I do have my work cut out for me with the Tiki-Elements (like the MyTiki title tag on the user menu graphic, etc) That's a lot of seek and replace . . .

But if I can figure out to limit the file sizes on the the photo gallery submission it'll be worth it!

Thanks again!


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> The question I've been searching the forums for is :
> How do I get rid of those damn words "Tiki" "Wiki" and "MyTiki." Iknow the

VERY easy to do (once you know how!). If all you're trying to do is change the words MyTiki in the menu, here's how (assuming you're using 1.8.5):

  1. Open the tiki-admin_menu_options (Admin menu options) page and select your menu. I assume that you created a custom menu for your site.
  2. Add a new option menu opition as:
  • Name: whatever you want to replace MyTiki
  • URL: tiki-my_tiki.php
  • Use Sections, Permissions, and Groups to select which users can see this option.

Click Save and you're done.

The attachment shows how I customized "MyTiki" for my site.