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I don't know how to submit this properly... hopefully someone can point me n the right direction. I noticed the upcoming events module showed all events, and sorted them from the latest event down to the current day... When I changed the sort it showed even events that had already passed.

I modified the calendarlib.php file funtion upcoming_events to adjust this so that it only shows UPCOMING events that havent' passed yet, with the nearest event listed first. I don't know how to put this into CVS and I hope this change doesn't affect other calendar type items.

function upcoming_events($maxrows = -1, $calendarId = 0, $maxDays = -1) {
$cond = '';
$bindvars = array();
if($calendarId > 0){
$cond = $cond." and `calendarId` = ? ";
$bindvars = $bindvars + array($calendarId);
if($maxDays > 0)
$maxSeconds = ($maxDays * 24 * 60 * 60);
$cond = $cond." and `start` > (unix_timestamp(now()) )";
$bindvars = $bindvars + array($maxSeconds);
$query = "select `start`, `name`, `calitemId`, `calendarId`, `user`, `lastModif` from `tiki_calendar_items` where 1=1 ".$cond." order by ".$this->convert_sortmode('start_asc');

$result = $this->query($query,$bindvars,$maxrows,0);

$ret = array();

while ($res = $result->fetchRow()) {
$ret[] = $res;

return $ret;

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- is that code functional ? by reading it I feel that there is a problem with match beetween number of ? in query (content of $cond) and number of items in $bindvars. Anyway your code seem to refer to an early 1.9 version of tikiwiki, and that function changed (a little) in 1.9 CVS already.

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