Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

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> Perhaps not very sensible, but I decided to go ahead and try an install anyway! So, I can answer my own questions. surprised

Life on the edge!

> TikiWiki runs on my site at around 4-6 seconds for a page load. Perfect? No. Acceptible? Yes. I will investigate further optimisation later.

At first, Tiki is bit slower, because it is building its cache in templates_c

> This does mean that it is impossible to install TikiWiki twice on the same database, but my forum can be installed twice simply be selecting different prefixes. Perhaps something to consider for a future release of TikiWiki?

You are correct. Each Tiki needs its database.

If someone wants to write it, sure, why not? But I don't have a feeling this is going to happen. I don't think any developer is going to have the need/desire/itch to change this because most hosts offer several databases and it's cleaner for backups, etc.

> Thanks again. I am sure that more questions will follow.

My pleasure!

M ;-)