LDAP / Active directory

LDAP / Active directory

New LDAP/Active directory discussion forum



I have created this new forum to regroup all forums posts about LDAP/Active directory.

You may also want to see the LDAP documentation and the Bugs & feature requests list.

I have moved some old posts here. However, the stats for the forum are incorrect (minor bug)

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Awesome. Great to have an obvious, centralized place to post for LDAP/ADS. Thanks.

Hello. I have installed tikiwiki 1.10 and have done some reading on the IMAP auth. I was wondering if anyone has successfully got this to work and if so what is the steps to make it work. I have been trying to get the ldap to work with active directory and have been unsuccessful so I thought I would try imap.
United States

(j, you should start a new thread for this rather than hijack another)

I don't know much about IMAP, but I may be able to assist you with the LDAP & AD config if you are game.

Can you post your config info for review? The big secret is you need to configure the admin user and admin password with the dn and password of a valid AD user (no need for admin access). AD doesn't allow anonymous binds by default.


We have a AD Forest,
and within dairy.com we have:
dairy.com.ph etc.

So I change the base dn to : dc=dairy,dc=com,dc=hk;

And the ldap bind type to user name.....

Now I can use the domain reference like this dahk\user name. or dacn\username.
In the log I see bind successful, but still access Denied on Tiki, this is Version 4.

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