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I am working on a small collaborative site using tikiwiki which professors and students would use.

The idea is a blog is created for each student as they are added to the system by Admin. Professors will post to the blog regarding a students performance in tests, exams etc.

So after logging in a Professor should have access to view all the blogs and edit access to blogs for students they actually have for a course/class. But a student will only be able to view his/her own blog when they log in.

So I am having trouble with the issues of giving a view permission to a student for his/her blog only and giving a professor user edit permission per page.

I have looked at editing page permissions but it doesn't seem to let me give permissions to a single user, only a group, so I would have to setup a group for every user or something which seems like an unnecessary step.

Does someone know a way i could get this to work, or maybe point me in the way of another solution?

Apologies if this has ever been covered before but i did a search and couldn't come up with anything...



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Sadly I think you've answered your own question and the only real solution is a one user/one group scenario. I bow to others' superior knowledge though before betting my life on it.

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head where, in general, user permissions are already pre-defined is that of the MyTiki features. Of those, probably "tasks" is the only one that would even slightly meet your requirements in that the professor/s could "send" tasks to individual students but this is a very unattractive solution.

I know some of the moderators (for want of a better term) have some experience at using Tiki in an educational environment, so they might be able to provide better solutions.

Failing that, try the open source project Moodle (not that I want you to stop using Tiki because I think it's awesome!)

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There is a "Create a group for each user" option on the admin login page (tiki-admin.php?page=login). If you activate this, then the (one-person) group will be created automatically when the user is registered, and you'll essentially be able to assign permissions to individual users.

-- Gary

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Thanks for your help and suggestions,

i will try the "create group for each user option" and see how this works out...


I was initially planning on using wiki pages for this project as collaboration was the main aim, and i worked on that option a bit, but the fact that updates are not totally permanent led me away a bit.

Posts being more permanent and the automatic reverse chronological layout of a blog seems pretty good for what i am looking for and also gives me the option to categorize posts (category's of mathematics, networks, programming for example.)

Although any suggestions how i might use a wiki better, would most definitely be appreciated...



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Hi Tom and welcome to Tikiwiki Community!

I'm also educator, and I've been using Tiki for educational scenarios for a while (mainly at university level).

We did some complex setup for a research project a couple of years ago, using blogs for students (using the feature chibaguy poinjted out: default creation of a group for each user), and on another project, we implemented enhancements to the Wiki in order to allow the teacher to keep track of students contributions (number, size and type) on collaborative writing of wiki pages.

See some reports and pdf's linked from http://edu.tikiwiki.org homepage. (some of them in English), and you will also be specifically interested in:


I hope this helps...


P.S: Off this topic, but related hint: don't try using AulaWiki Mod for the time being (even if you'll see documentation for it on edu.tw.o), set things up for your students by hand instead. At least until a new and bugfree version of Aulawiki for Tiki 2.0 is released (hopefuly in some momths)

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Hi community

i also have the same problem, concerning blog permissions.
How can i give to a single user the permissions to change the type, title for a topic? Or delete or merge?

I dont want to use the "create group for each user" option, because i have a lot of users.

thx, patrik

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Sorry, if i write again and thx in advance for helping me! Somebody can give me an answer on my question?

Any ideas?

Thx a lot!

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