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To comment (no pun intended) on my initial reaction to using articles. I'm assuming that the primary goal is to get non collaborative, publicly viewable material on your site.

To that end could also argue the case that blogs would be a logical choice since blogs pertain to individuals and the staff picks presumably pertain to individuals too.

I personally would prefer articles because you can create a topic "Staff Picks" and then all your staff picks would be in one place (as opposed to scattered across several personal blogs). You could as an alternative create a "staff picks" blog, but there are other advantages with articles such as the fact that you can choose a date of when to make them viewable, expire them after a certain date, allow users to rate the articles themselves and other features.

To address the comments issue, I think which ever way you go, there is going to be some manual effort involved in censoring inappropriate material and although you can take some steps to minimize this (as with the CAPTCHA feature), you will never be able to fully automate this process.

One final thought; The "shoutbox" module does allow for banned words, so you could allow anonymous users to post comments here (and automatically removed inappropriate content) but this doesn't really seem like an ideal solution. For one, it doesn't seem like the most appropriate use of the shoutbox feature and for two, it's still not completely foolproof, as you can't account for everything potential vulgar phrase that could be entered. Besides which, determined users will always find ways around such restrictions.