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mass delete spam directory submissions

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I have a HUGE problem with spam sites submitting to my directory. 1 category alone has 545 pages worth!! I'm getting hundreds a day and I can't even begin to keep up. Is there any way to set up a filtering system or anything else that will cut this down or eliminate it?


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I'm assuming that you already have URL validation turned on, but you can't keep up with this? If you don't, then you might want to turn this all so that all links must be validated before they are published to the directory. However, this really won't help in reducing spam.

To do that, try turning on "CAPTCHA" so that anonymous users must enter a random code when submitting links. You'll find the option on the Wiki admin page and it is labeled "Anonymous editors must input anti-bot code:". Although this option is under Wiki admin it applies to many Tiki features.

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I finally got the time to go back and active the captcha code and admin must validate. Once I did I was kicked out of the system. Oh joy!!! It doesn't recognize my password or anything else right now so. Not sure what to do as I imagine that the pass isn't stored in the DB and if it is it's encoded.
Any ideas??

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Thank you very very much!! I just might try playing with the database to remove all the directory submissions. I imagine that's stored there as well.

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Well, heimskr, I know this problem mrgreen.

Good work!

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amishwiki.org say no AHH AHH!!! I am denied even after playing with the database!! sadThe funky part is it's asking for my email address as well as the user and password.
Some I thinks me's been hacked or some other hackneed thing!!
Oh the joy of full database delete!!
Nothing like watching my effort go down the toobs!! I think I'll delete the user database outside of the admin after downloading it of course. maybe root around and find what permission the admin login actually has...
Help would of course be greatly appreciated.


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I like very limited knowledge of sql and a book means DELETE FROM `tiki_directory_sites` WHERE isValid = 'n'; make all the spam go away. Woohoo!!
Though I had to run it 10 or 15 time because it was only deleting 2000 or so each time. But it worked anyway.
So spam problem solved but logging in has not been.
Permissions maybe?!?!?