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How can I get "default navigation" back?

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Hi there,

I have searched through my wiki like mad and also through posts and documentation, but I just cannot find out how I can get back the navigation I had a very start after installation.
This navigation was brilliant.
Yesterday I was working on user structures and now I don't have all modules available any more and they also look different (wee dotted arrows, before they were like small folders beside the title).
Can some one help me please?? Not a clue how to bring it back and I cannot access some of my documents any more. Tried modules page, themes, menu, general and so on...

Many, many thanks,

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When you say "default navigation", do you mean the menu that appears in a box on the left hand side? It sounds like you've change a lot of things and now can't find your way back.

To bring the menu back go to the admin page tiki-admin_modules.php and in the Assign New Module section, choose mnu_application_menu in the drop down box. You can assign it to the left or right, doesn't really matter. Make sure the order number is appropriate (check below to see the order of existing modules), and then click the assign button.

As for the wee dotted arrows, I'm not really sure, sounds like maybe you've changed your theme. You could try setting your theme to default2 or tikineat (under the look and feel admin section). Somebody else might have a better grasp of what you've done and how to get things back to the way they were.

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Thanks Darkbee!
Yes, I mean the menu on the left. It looks like the menu on this page on the left/bottom - only that I had more options for each module listed.

I checked the admin page for the menu, and this is actually where I managed to got my admin menu back (that was gone at first). But that is all I managed to do there.
I also tried to change the theme to get this "standard" navigation back, but when I click "change style only" it shows the menu I want to go back to, if I save it my settings it must be override though and I am back to what I've created by mistake!?
Can I give any more details so that experts have a chance maybe to figure out where I went wrong? Would be really great, to get the full menu back :-(
Could it be something user related? I was working on users and didn't even want to touch the menu!!??

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You don't want to click "change style only", you should click "save" button at the bottom of the options. Basically, the "change style only" says change only the colors, do not change the layout (to over simplify). And incidentally, I'm fairly sure that's a 1.9.11 option, you should probably upgrade to version 2.0.

If you were working on users you may have inadvertently taken away privileges needed to view the menu items. You said that the admin menu has less options than before which could indicate that you've somehow manage to take some privileges away from the admin user (and possibly other users too).

Did you try to re-assign the menu module as I originally suggested?

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Hi Darkbee,

I've tried lots of things the last days and finally it worked!
I had indeed the older version of tikiwiki. In the old version, the full navigation did not come back, although I did save another theme. So I went and tried other things for hours again....
Now I upgraded and went to back to the "Default" theme and TATA! There I go. All back.
My wiki is still not quite ok, but I hope to get this quickly under control.
The top bar is on the left, then after a lot of scrolling I get to the main window, which ended up BESIDE the top bar. Hm...but I am optimistic.

Thanks very much for your advise!

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Hello everybody,

seems I have found the source of the problem:
Firefox displays the navigation (unwanted) shortened while IE6 displays it all normal, in full length!???

I don't like IE and discovered that by accident. Still no idea though, how to bring my normal navi back in Firefox.

Has anybody else experienced this??