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Monospaced Text for Code broken?

posts: 2 Sweden

Since 2.0 (with Tikipedia) I'm experiencing that the (wiki)text:

To do do the bla use -+magic+- and succeed.

is rendering into

To do do the bla use(code>magic(/code> and succeed.

I would like to have (back) the leadind space before the word magic.
With an Firefox add-on like Firebug I see that the HTML code is:

To do do the bla use
and succeed.

Sorry, I seem to be too clumsy to get the (code>-thing right.

In the documentation (under Wiki-Syntax Text) I read The Leading Space Monospaced Font is disabled on many sites, but frankly I don't understand.

Thank you.

posts: 4642 Japan

That does seem like a bug if it's different behavior than before, but until it's fixed, how about adding a leading space inside the minus-plus marks, like "Here is -+ magic+-." (Here is magic.)?

-- Gary

posts: 289 United States
I've noticed this too and my solution was as Gary suggested to simply add a leading space inside the markup. It seems it was introduced with version 2.0, as 1.9.11 does not exhibit this behavior.

posts: 2 Sweden

Thank you Gary.
That is indeed a solution... although the idea of checking hundreds of pages frightens me a bit: you see, I like the -+ syntax :-).

If it's a bug, is there something I can / should do?