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Has anyone got PHPFreeChat working in 2.0/2.1?

I came across somebody else having a problem, Tiki IRC chat logs, but there wasn't really any real solution there.

To recap it seems that:

  • The Mods installation doesn't work correctly
  • Manually copying the files doesn't work correctly because of some dependency on a process that happens with the Mods installation.

I'm using the Wiki plugin {PHPFREECHAT} in a page but when the page loads up, it just displays a message saying: "Chat loading ...
Please wait" and nothing happens.

Any ideas?

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no idea. I used Module minichat as a workaround... (from the same author, I think)
I you go any further using phpfreechat or minichat, Darkbee (or others), please consider updating the Documentation about them (I wrote just very basic content for them months ago)

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I've been pretty busy lately so I haven't had much of a chance to look at it any further. One thing I did note from the PHPFreeChat website was that they released a newer version that fixed a major security hole, so that places some doubts about whether I would use the version packaged for Tiki.

Minichat works pretty well, I just wish there was some way to clear the chat or apply some sort of date stamp (as well as time) because it often happens that people might see the time close to their time now and assume somebody is on, when in fact it was the time from 3 days ago (just happens to be close to the time now). Without a date to put the time in context, it's a little useless.

It works on IRC because the chat is constantly being updated and you can clearly see who is online. Yes, I know you can use a Tiki module to display who is online but some of my users are novice users. I don't think they grasp very well the concepts of real-time and stateless connections.

Thanks for the response though.

P.S. I always try to update the documentation here and there were I can.

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In the version 2.3, the phpfreechat seems not to work. When I try the syntax


the page is empty.
Is there any other alternative using chat?

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Oh, and minichat in version 2.3 seems not there anymore.

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The minichat module file is in the modules directory|folder in the Tikiwiki 2.3 download package, so I assume it can still be installed and used.

No work has been done on the phpfreechat mod files since they were initially committed, so it's still not working.

-- Gary