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Login problems - wants cookies enabled

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I'm trying to set up a wiki on my company intranet. I installed XAMPP (Apache, PHP5, MySql) on a Windows PC (XP SP2) to use as a base platform. Everything worked as expected, but when I tried to have my users log in they received an error that cookies needed to be enabled. Enabling cookies in their browser made no difference.

After experimentation, I found that Firefox and Opera work fine. (I use Firefox, which is why I didn't catch this earlier.) The problem is only with IE and Safari. On the localhost machine, where XAMPP and Tiki are installed, I can login with either Firefox or IE with no problem. It's only when trying to login over the network that I get the cookie error, and only on IE. (I tried both version 6 and 7, same problem.) Note: I seem to be able to access the wiki and navigate around, I just can't log in.

I've read the posts about making sure the session name is PHPSESSID. It is. I read some old posts about some bugs in earlier versions, but that was from years ago. I can see the cookies in Firefox, and they look fine to me, both from localhost and remotely. In IE, I can see a Local_TZ cookie, but not one for PHPSESSID. I'm not sure what that means, if anything.

Searching the forums, no one else seems to be having this problem, so I'm assuming it's something in my setup, perhaps something with XAMPP. Anyone have any ideas?

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I have a XAMPP setup on Linux box and do not experience any issues with Internet Explorer when logging in remotely (obviously I can't test locally!). Although I'm not using sessions.

I don't know whether this helps but these are the settings in PHPInfo under "sessions" that mention cookies:

DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
session.cookie_domainno valueno value

Have you checked out the page on the docs which relates to Troubleshooting Login problems? It seems that the page is in need of some attention but there may be some valuable information within if you dig for it.

It seems it's most likely to be a path issue because windows doesn't like the forward slash ("/"), it prefers to use the backslash ("\"). That could explain why I'm not running into the issue because my XAMPP is on Linux.

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Thanks for the reply. I have the same values as you for those variables. What I don't get is why it works in Firefox but not IE. Seems like if it were a pathing problem it would be consistent. (Unless Firefox is smart enough to "fix" it and IE isn't.)

And yes, I found the Troubleshooting doc. It looked interesting until I saw that the bug fixes mentioned were from 2005. I tried to check the code anyway, but it's not even there anymore. I can't believe it's a code problem since no one else seems to be having the problem. It has to be something in my config. Thing is, I took the defaults on both XAMPP and Tiki. I haven't really touched anything, so I'm a bit stymied.

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Assuming you haven't done this already:

Maybe some security settings, or some of the "privacy" settings are blocking access in IE? Perhaps if you add the Tiki website to the "trusted" zone you might have some joy. Also check the privacy settings->advanced and see if "override automatic cookie handling" is checked. If not, check it, and then make sure that you allow all "first-party cookies" and check "always allow session cookies". I don't think third party cookies matters in this case, for what it's worth mine is set to "block"

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Oh and...

JGeitz wrote:
Unless Firefox is smart enough to "fix" it and IE isn't.

...you say this like it never happens! I thought Firefox was always fixing things that are broken in IE. wink

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I've tried all of the IE browser settings I can find. All of the cookie settings (privacy tab) appear to affect only the Internet zone. This web server is on the network and therefore in the Intranet zone. I'm not sure if I'm actually changing settings that matter. I've set the security level for the Intranet zone to the lowest setting and the advanced tab doesn't seem to have anything else concerning cookies.

One thing I haven't tried is forcing the web server into the Internet zone. I think I can do that by adding it to the site list. Maybe then it will use the privacy settings.

Either that, I perhaps I can upgrade the entire company to Firefox. lol

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The cookie settings are under the "privacy" tab, not the security tab.
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If you look at the text at the top of the Privacy tab, it says it applies to the Internet zone. And, if you try to add a site that isn't a valid domain name (which my internal web server is not) it gives you an error.

Do you know how to change cookie settings for the INTRANET zone? Or, do the privacy settings actually cover both?