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Architecture / Installation

MultiTiki - does it really work?

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I love TikiWiki but have abandoned it in favor of Durpal. The reason is simple - I could not get MultiTiki to ever work and Drupal is so simple in this area.

Drupal is nice but I'd like to use TikiWiki on my next 100 web sites; Drupal easily does the first 100 - and from ONE mySQL database.

I've never understood why TikiWiki doesn't support a prefix with each mySQL record but it doesn't so I'd have to have 100 mySQL databases - a pain in the butt to say the least.

However, I need some things in TikiWiki that Drupal can't do - mainly Wiki.

So is there a fool proof way to take my one TikiWiki site and easily add 99 more sites to it? That's my question - In Drupal it takes 5 seconds to set up another web site that uses the core Drupal - it's fool proof and works without patching a single file. Is there a way to do it in TikiWiki without patching files and doing all kinds of Geekie stuff?

Thanks for any feedback - I'd love to use TikiWiki.

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Hi Perry!

How the grass is greener on the other side wink

If you want to manage 100 sites, I suggest you look at TRIM

DB Prefix was never coded because nobody felt it was important enough. I much prefer a DB per project. Much cleaner. Creating a DB takes just a few minutes.

If it is important for you: How to get commit access


M ;-)

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Also, since you'll be managing many sites, you'll probably be interested in the new profiles.tikiwiki.org coming to Tiki 3.0 (April 2009)

A few profiles are already working in trunk (pre-alpha code)

M ;-)