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Hi Phil, it seems temporarily unavailable, unlucikily.
I don't know why...
Try later (and thanks for asking/reporting)

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It seems temporarily unavailable again. I have not been able to get anything but Network timeout page load errors for the past hour.

Is someone looking into this?

It's seems like an ongoing, intermittent problem.

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It seems to be up again...
Moreover, there were some temporary issues with InterTiki, that seem to be fixed nowadays.
Lets see if it's working stable nowadays... Please, report back if you find any further issue.

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I'm new to tikiwiki and would like to get some information about it. But doc.tikiwiki.org is (still/again?) not available. Is there a mirror where I can dowload some information?



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I'm looking for the documentation for 2.2, its also unavailable! Can somebody help me?

thx, pat

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As far as I know (apart from this page: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=Tikiwiki+2.0), there's no special documentation area for TikiWiki 2.* versions. The documentation is mainly organized according to features, with feature pages showing particular info for versions as needed. That said, it's hard to keep the docs up to date with code development, so please ask if you have any questions.

-- Gary

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Hi Gary, hi all

for my boss, i need to explain him why to update from the version to a higher one.
What are the main additional features?

We use Wiki for a knowledge database in a call center for the 1st level supporters. Works on our Intranet.
So i need to know the improvements that can help f.ex. in searching, navigation, wysiwyg and usability.

Can u help me?


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Hi Pat, and welcome to TikiWiki Community!

In fact, Gary already helped you with what you need, since he already gave you the url you were looking for

By the way, we would be very glad if, as you learn more and more about Tiki, you can also help us improve the Documentation, for instance, with any further answers you get from the forums, that you couldn't find on the current Documentation. Or with anything you learn by yourself that is not explained at doc.tw.o, etc.

Cheers, and welcome again wink

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Thx 2 all!

Hello Community, many thx for all the advices! I really like this forum with many good replies!
Yep, i know, my E is not so good, but i think everybody will understand, that this forum is very good and is really helpfull. Thx again!

@ xavisp: of course, if i have any informations for the improvement of Tiki, i will try to help for improving it!


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